Sites that Caught My Eye Today 08/27/2008

  • Flat World Knowledge LLC

    Interesting tidbit in their press release this week:

    “Flat World has announced 17 new author
    titles under contract. Flat World's in-classroom beta test gets underway this
    week, with 20 participating colleges and universities nationwide.”

    Open Textbooks may be closer — this model is a more hybridized version. If we had a “wiki to print” tool or technology, then we could literally have grassroots teachers writing and creating textbooks together. This is interesting to follow

    tags: education, opensource, textbook, edu_trends

  • Jott goes to trapster now

    I just thought this was funny – trapster lets you find where the speed traps, cameras, etc. are. Jott now has a link service to trapster to let you tell it where there are traps using your voice (that's handsfree for those of you who will use a ticket). Just think it is interesting to see the proliferation of tools.

    As for Jott charging – I forked over the $3.95 a month – I just can't live without Jott, and they've added new functionality to boot.

    tags: education, Jott

  • Intel – Inspire

    Intel's inspire website for teachers. You can submit a video or story about what inspires you. I want to go through this and take a look at some of the videos. How are you using this website?

    tags: education, edu_newapp

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