Sites that Caught My Eye Today 08/21/2008

  • Mixed Results on Paying City Students to Pass Tests –

    Paying kids to pass the AP test isn't working… but those supporting it say give it time.

    In some ways, money is the easy answer. But money doesn't solve problems when you have a child who has low self esteem. A child who is beaten every night isn't going to want to learn more during the day for a one time incentive… they feel trapped.

    Although the average improved (there were more “5's”) – the overall pass rate declined slightly — but more tests were taken.

    I am glad that people are willing to put money into trying new things, but sometimes I think teachers are left out of the equation. If we look at brain rules, improving the family life of kids and making sure they get more sleep are two of the most beneficial things we could to improve test scores.

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  • Federation of American Scientists :: The National Center for Research in Advanced Information and Digital Technologies

    Comprehensive research on how advanced computer and communication technologies can improve all levels of learning has been funded. This National Center was created and signed into law on August 14, 2008 in the United States.

    I think that research is a great thing. I they will involve all educators in developing their primary questions. Research based best practices underlie all we do and we do need more. I hope, however, they don't get too hung up on the technology (i.e. wiki, blog) and focus on what technology lets us do.

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  • The Way of the Wiki: Building Online Creativity and Cooperation | Edutopia

    This article in edutopia talks about wikis and how we use them in our classrooms. Also quoted in the article, some other good friends of mine, Stewart Mader, and Louise Maine.

    Of course, if I could just keep myself from using southern slang, I'd make my Mom a little happier, but it keeps on coming out! I had completely eradicated it from my speech but when I moved home, I guess I just inhaled all of this southernness and it just comes out!

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