Sites that Caught My Eye Today 08/13/2008

Tips for minimizing teacher stress

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3 thoughts on “Sites that Caught My Eye Today 08/13/2008

  1. I also use Google Calendar for my classes and planning. It is a remarkable tool not just for keeping students and me sane and organized, but it also keeps our classroom transparent. Integrated into our blog, parents and administrators also have a complete view of what’s there, the resources we’re using, and the learning that’s happening.

    My hope this year is to be able to integrate some other features into Google Calendar. For example, I would like to edit the event details to post links to assessments so the lesson and assessment are tied together. This may be only for me as I continue to try to keep organized. Are you aware of any other practices on this front? Keep ’em coming! Thanks for all of your great resources!

  2. This is a great idea. I have diigoed it to my principal and others in our district.
    I am planning on having my students do a wiki so this would be great to have on the front page to keep track of the projects. The students wouldn’t have an excuse about when things are due. I have to break down due dates for 7th graders to keep them on track. Thanks.

  3. I don’t mean to be unkind, but while I think the use of the calendar is clever, the lesson plans aren’t very inspiring. All that detail about lining up and raising a hand could simply be noted as ‘revise library routines’. Doesn’t this teacher read the children stories and prepare literature activities matched to a curriculum plan for students to do afterwards? I could not possibly teach from a scanty plan like hers, and my school admin wouldn’t tolerate it either. To see the level of detail in my planning, view units of work at
    Lisa Hill, Australia

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