Sites that Caught My Eye Today 08/01/2008

  • Dreamweaver menu extensions, CSS, DHTML –


    For you webmasters out there, I've found a really cool tool to make killer drop down menus that is worth the cost. Also, this is the information on how to make menus or other items appear IN FRONT OF flash objects on a web page. (I've had trouble w/ this forever!)

    Follow these instructions from this site:

    “To allow the layering of Flash content with DHTML content you have to do the following with the Flash Object tag:

    * Add the following parameter to the tag:
    * Add the following parameter to the tag:

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  • Estie's Gifts & Treasures: Thing #23 – Reflections

    This is precisely why more of us should be implementing the “23 things” pd program with our teachers. Estie Cuellar from Houston Texas did an amazing job discussing her learning journey and did an amazing job blogging it as well.

    This is very impressive and displays the transformational nature of becoming immersed in these tools. I look forward to seeing what happens in her classroom!

    Again, I believe that embedded PD (professional development that is in pieces as part of our day) rather than binge PD is much more transformational! This is proof!

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  1. I think everyone should go out and explore the internet in 23 things When I was going through it, I was under the impression that I wouldn’t get too much out of it, since I surf the web daily. Boy was I wrong. I’m now able to navigate and surf around more efficiently and effectively.

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