Sites that Caught My Eye Today 05/30/2008

  • Samsung's Hope for Education – Win $200,000 for technology

    This is a cool grant requiring a 100 word essay about how technology benefits and helps education and is one I'll be doing in the fall — it is only open to schools in the US but it is public and private — check the website for rules and good luck.

    Info from their site:
    “Each year, Samsung's Hope for Education holds a contest where students from schools nationwide can write a 100-word essay about how technology benefits and helps education. In 2008, the top winner receives a grand prize of over $200,000 worth of Samsung technology, Microsoft software and cash grants from DIRECTV, as well as the SCHOOL CHOICE® educational television programming package. Entries are open now. Contest will run until August 31, 2008.”

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  • Tales of an Inner-City Teacher: Crunch Time….

    I love the pictures on this blog showing the students using the computer, on the floor… everywhere, working on individual research projects. (Got to this blog to see the final products.) At first I said, “display boards?” but then I realized the amount of computer work required to create these display boards and I saw the age of the students and the number of computers in this classroom.

    This is a tremendous amount of work. Applause here from me to Kristi, another teacher blogger who I “met” from yesterday's post (hey go back to yesterdays and leave yours!)

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  • Michel Foucault, Privacy, and Doubts about Web 2.0 | Connecting the Dots

    Fascinating ponderings by Mike Curtain about how many of us are relinquishing our own privacy. This is a very thought provoking post and yet another one I wouldn't have read, had he not linked to my blog post yesterday asking for bloggers to share their links.

    This is a very powerful blog post. Wow! I personally think there is a balance here, but also agree than many are not considering the privacy they are relinquishing when they post things that don't belong out there for everyone to see. Internet privacy is an illusion, it really is.

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  • Technology in the Classroom: Animoto

    Kudos to Brooksie, a new blogger that I found when she left her link on my blog today. Such a great resource. She's doing a nice job!

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  • – Animoto: Education –

    Brooksie over at CD Tech ( showed me this. Brooksie left a message introducing me to her blog on yesterday's post and wow, I learned something new!

    Animoto will giv eyou a FREE code to make full length videos on animoto! This is a really cool free tool but we've been using the 30 second version! I didn't know we could use the full version for fREE! Wow! So cool

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