Sites that Caught My Eye Today 05/07/2008

  • Google Teacher Academy

    Google TEacher Academy on June 25th — find out more.

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  • Geo Education

    Google for Educators launches Geo Education today! Cool. It includes information on Google EArth, Maps, Sky, and Sketcup and lesson plans from teachers. It also includes tips on getting started with these tools in your classroom.

    As you plan your summer PD, Geography teachers simply must get this on their list for fall!

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  • Little Brother » A word to teachers, librarians, and people who want to donate money to me

    If you want a free copy of this book and are a teacher or librarian, follow the instructions on this page. Interesting idea.

    This book is by Cory Doctorow about altnernate gaming and this is a novel that argues that hackers and gamers are the USA's “best hope for the future.” Download the book for free here, or you can request the book for your school. I haven't read it yet — have any of you?

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  • ED in '08 Blogger Summit — Summit Poll

    I've heard of like 4 of these blogs up for the best educational blog. Maybe I'm just as out of it as I feel.

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  • ED in '08 Blogger Summit

    Join thought leaders in education policy and national politics to discuss how the Internet is changing the discourse of education reform, and how those changes are affecting the 2008 presidential election. ED in '08 welcomes ed-bloggers and political bloggers to take part in the discussion.

    I'm glad the “thought leaders” in American can come, however, the timing of this conference precludes most teachers I know from even considering coming we're all in the “home stretch” and rarely are we able to leave the classroom, especially this time of year.

    I would hope that one day the edublogosphere would truly level us so that teachers would be included in these discussions. For, until that happens, I doubt we'll find any truly relevant change for the classroom.. just more buzzwords and “programs” that don't suit today's student.

    Hint: If you want reform, ask some good teachers or at least include them in the discussion. There are some big picture thinkers out there that ARE teachers in the public classroom.

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4 thoughts on “Sites that Caught My Eye Today 05/07/2008

  1. > Join thought leaders in education policy and national politics to discuss how the Internet is changing the discourse of education reform

    This is purely a political exercise intended to promote a particular perspective as that expressed by ‘thought leaders’ in the edublogosphere.

    What sort of political perspective? Newt Gingrich is the luncheon speaker for their kick-off…

  2. I would love to attend one of the Google classes and the EDblog conference. They both look like fantastic opportunities. I’m not sure I’ll be able to do either but I am going to look into both. As for the Google tools. I didn’t realize Google had so many cool toys! I’m going to share these with the other teachers in my school. I know the other social studies teachers will flip! Thanks 🙂

  3. @downes – I know — it is being billed as something that perhaps it is not. However, it really bothers me that people hide under the “edublogosphere” cover when perhaps they’re really not from the edublogosphere at all. I responded directly to the organizatiRon via e-mail and have yet to hear back. I believe that teachers should be in BOTH of our political parties here in the states and involved. Otherwise, it just smells of someone’s agenda who doesn’t understand the classroom at all. It is tiresome.

    @robin – I’m glad that they are providing so many cool tools from google. I’m looking forward to spending more time with it.

  4. I finished reading Little Brother…
    it is a terrific book… I had to download the pdf and read it on my screen… something that is not that great for my eyes… but I couldn’t stop although I can’t call a book on my computer a page-turner… it is.
    If you are a little geeky or a lot, a thirteen year old or, at least here, a 61 year old you will probably get caught up in a fine story that reads like today’s headlines.

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