Sites that caught my eye today! 04/15/2008

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5 thoughts on “Sites that caught my eye today! 04/15/2008

  1. Kids trading nude pics via cell phone is a “cool site of the day”?

    I might question using that particular descriptor for your automated links when they post.

    Nothing cool there. Good story, sure, but “cool”?

  2. Yes, Chris, that perhaps needs to be changed. I’ll change it manually on this one — look for a title change tomorrow. Thank you for being a friend and pointing that out! 😉

  3. Oh, how I hate Fox News. Yes, there are teens (and adults) who trade nude photos on mobile phones, just as there were some who did it on regular cameras, via computers, and before that Polaroids. That said, this is not universal practice. The difference now is that kids carry these with them and it makes it much easier for them to be shown off and shared (and caught). Same practice, new medium. What we should be asking ourselves is how to teach our kids how to handle issues of body image, performance of sexuality, and the pressure to be validated through sexual acts.

    For an entirely different perspective on rebellious acts of youth dating using mobile phones, check out this article on Palestinian youth.

  4. It’s a travesty, really. Teens and even pre-teens are exposed to SO MUCH more than they should be today and most of the fault lies with technology.

    It’s a great tool to have, but at what expense?

  5. @chuck — Any tool may be used for good or bad. IT is the behavior that is the issue — tools are morally neutral, it is the people behind them that determine what the use will be.

    zephoria — As teachers, we have to be ready to respond to this. I truly believe that our efforts to create the grassroots organization Advocates for Digital Citizenship, Safety, and Success to talk about these sorts of things and balance them is so important.

    We’re working to create information, handouts, etc. to take the message from the online world to the offline world.

    I believe that if we do not, we are going to be dictated some more irrelevant, unworkable educational programs for digital citizenship that just don’t work.

    You really opened my eyes on the Wow2 show recently about cell phones and I’ve been directing more class time on including that in our ethical discussions in class.

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