Setting Meetings: Doodle or ????

So many of us are collaborating with many time zones, that handy tools to help us set a meeting are so very useful.

I cannot remember the name of a site that “someone” mentioned recently — so I looked around and found Doodle. You go in and enter the days and time slots that you can do the meeting — pick 4-5 days and several time slots — then, e-mail it to others, including yourself.

Then, they can fill out a poll and state which times they can attend. You are e-mailed when others fill out the poll. (Don't forget to fill it out yourself.) Then, you are able to see when you can have the meeting.

IT is a very simple interface and you don't “sign up” literally — it doesn't support time zone conversions, however, it is a pretty simple little tool.

There is another out there right now that I think is flashier and I've seen it but I cannot remember it. PLEASE PLEASE let me know!

Do you want to come to a meeting– Fill out the Doodle!

To see how it works — if you would like to attend a session on working with Google Presentations as we all go in and “rehash” it — look at it, fine tune the presentation, then follow this link and fill out when you can attend. I'll look at the schedule and let you know about a time that will work for as many as possible.

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3 thoughts on “Setting Meetings: Doodle or ????

  1. I’ve signed on to Doodle to join you Friday if that ends up being the time, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to edit the presentation. I can see it. I can see the chat room. I’m signed onto Google Docs, but I can’t figure out how to edit.

  2. Suzie-

    No airset is awesome – but it doesn’t let you have like “fuzzy” times and then clear up the time as it becomes clear — it was like Muddle or something and I LOVE LOVE LOVE airset.

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