Second Life suffering from Inflation!!!

From a tweet from Kevin Jarrett, I saw this article “Second Life needs a bailout after all

“…it's a tad shocking that the company was forced to create a bailout plan of its own this week – jacking up the price of the cheapest Second Life land by $50 – a 66 per cent increase. The resulting outcry has been predictable.”

 This is why I couldn't buy land – I budgeted at old prices but don't have the money to create my student island now. Of course, I'd wait until this past week to buy the island, but I wasn't ready until then.

So, our digiteen island is now squarely on Lively, which although it doesn't have as many features, can suit our purpose just fine for a little while. 

I still hunger for that little island to call my own where my students and others can teach digital citizenship.  Guess we'll have to look for sponsors, but who has time?

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2 thoughts on “Second Life suffering from Inflation!!!

  1. Is there such a thing as a ‘walled garden’ for educational 3D worlds? A virtualworld ‘edublogger’? Today of all days, it would have been so great for our girls to go online and communicate face to face with kids from across the world; we’re revising our History scheme of work at the moment, and the potential of ‘virtual Rome’ (as you blogged about some time ago) seems amazing. What’s the best way into this?

  2. @Falconswiki — I don’t have an answer as to the best way to do this. I wish I did. Some of the OpenSim projects look promising — I have a feeling it will be a group of people getting together who have a passion and vision for what it could be to make this happen. It is still in the infancy of what is going to happen — we’re making places in Lively but not sharing the links in the directory – while not “private” per se (anyone could click on the links if they found them) — they aren’t really public and no one but us shows up in the rooms.

    This is where we’re starting.

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