School 2.0: School 2.0 New Website, Wiki, and One-Day Blitz

School 2.0: School 2.0 New Website, Wiki, and One-Day Blitz

Steve Hargadon has created a great site for us to begin building upon called School 2.0. I'm very excited that he and Will Richardson will guest on our weekly Wow2 Skypecast on January 23rd to discuss School 2.0.

I hope you'll mark your calendars and begin to join us on Tuesday nights at 9 pm. We are getting quite a group in the edtechtalk chatroom and listening. Each person in there (both speaking and contributing via chat) is a gem and it is really great to get such an amazing group together.

On a personal note:
A funny thing happened this week, though, that most of you will appreciate. We had trouble creating the skypecast and finally on the 5th or 6th try, Cheryl just created it without a description so our name was Women of Web 2 — consequently, we had an extremely large group of men looking for single ladies. (And it took us at least 15 minutes to figure that out!)

It wouldn't have been so bad, except at the beginning we were discussing “Passion based learning.”

After realizing what was happening, we stopped the conversation and told everyone to look at the skypecast to see how quickly the number of people would drop.

I then said something like, “we are teachers discussing technology and no one needs a date.” The number dropped exponentially! So, we had a good laugh and moved on to one of the most heavy-hitting resource filled shows that we've had! You'll definitely want to catch the podcast.

However, not everyone was there with “ill intent” (maybe we should rename it Hot for Teacher — Hee hee) we did have many people learning English who listen and say that they appreciate listening to our discussions which are done using correct English and filled with a variety of terminologies. We had about 30 in the skypecast and then a large group over at worldbridges.

Next Week we have David Warlick and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach at edtechtalk at 9 pm EST on Tuesday. It is a great thing to do while grading papers, you can just listen live or wait for the podcast.

Off to grading! (I needed the laugh Tuesday night, it has been a whopper of a week!)

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3 thoughts on “School 2.0: School 2.0 New Website, Wiki, and One-Day Blitz

  1. It would be helpful to me and perhaps others if you could post a link to the podcasted version of your skypecasts so I can listen/download straight from my bloglines and not have to go over to edtechtalk’s site or feed, since I can’t access it from school.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    Chris Craft

  2. is the location for our podcast archive.

    Mr. Floyd – we have a calendar but right now it is on a private wiki – I’ll talk with the others and determine the best way to do the calendar for you! Thanks for reminding me! We’ve already got booked through February!

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