Save Time Digitizing Your Worksheets with TeacherMade

One of the biggest challenges we teachers have faced this year has been maintaining our quality of instruction in the midst of change. There are some simple answers, though. This post will share how teachers can quickly digitize handouts, check-ins, worksheets, quizzes, lab reports, and paper of all kinds that support classroom activities.  TeacherMade can help.

Save Time Digitizing Your Worksheets with TeacherMade


This blog post is sponsored by TeacherMade. All opinions are my own.

With the struggles of digitizing curriculum in mind, one helpful solution is TeacherMade. TeacherMade converts classroom paperwork into interactive online activities. Then, you can easily connect them to Google Classroom.

Any PDF or worksheet, lab guide, reading passage, or supporting material that you’ve used in the past can now be uploaded and turned into an interactive page for students to draw on, type on, and even upload images to show their work. Teachers can give written feedback to their students on these worksheets online. Additionally, you can use the auto-grading tool to provide them with immediate feedback and save yourself time. 

1. Digitizing Curriculum Should Be Fast

Whether you’re teaching online, in a hybrid classroom, or in person, we all have content we need to digitize and make interactive as quickly as possible.  

Many educators use paper tools that support daily classroom activities. Even turning a week of worth of paper content into digital ones can not only be technologically challenging, but it can also be very time-consuming. Many teachers have started from scratch and develop new lessons because this transition has been too much. You don’t have to do that with Teacher Made.

The Fast Solution to Digitize Student Classwork: 

The best thing about TeacherMade for teachers is it’s a time saver. You can directly download your papers into the TeacherMade app and customize the page to tell your students exactly what you want them to do.

You can even change the instructions on the page to better fit their online work with the Color Block/Erase option so you can customize your online assignments.

Once you’re happy with the page and set up auto-grading (to save yourself time on grading), you can send it to your classroom or your Google Classroom for your students to then work on. 

See a sample conversion

This video shows a Florida teacher turning one of her worksheets into a digital activity that auto grades, so her students immediately see how they did.


2. We Need Our Classwork to Be Engaging and Interactive

Not only do we not want to retype class paperwork, but we want to make them interactive and better! Let’s use this as a chance to improve what we’re doing!  

Additionally, when digitizing our curriculum, we have to be aware of student engagement.

We need lessons and supporting materials to be interactive. Great teachers build an engaging curriculum around classroom activities and have supported them with printed materials. 

If lessons aren’t interactive, we lose student attention. It is no secret that I’ve never liked the term “worksheet,” and I hope that we use this time as an opportunity to reinvent class paperwork in ways that work for teaching and learning, as can be done with TeacherMade.

A More Engaging Solution:

Once you get your digital tasks set up for your students, your students can match, color, fill in the blank, upload images, draw, type on the page, and even more. Once students fill out everything and submit it, they will get immediate feedback on how they did. 

Additionally, you can send messages and give comments on your students' work, as you can see in this image. You can even send assignments back so your students can correct their mistakes. TeacherMade allows your students to interact with their work and with you the way they need to learn and keep them engaged.

3. Materials Need to Be Universally Accessible: Face to Face or Online (Like in a Hybrid Environment)

Also, for hybrid teachers especially, we need our materials to be universal. So, no matter where you or your students are, your students should all be getting the same lessons and tools no matter what the format of the classroom is. 

Our quality of education is more important than ever, and hybrid learning challenges maintaining this quality across the board.

An Accessibility Solution

Whether your students are in the classroom or online, TeacherMade gives all students the chance to do the same work. So now, you can use a single set of materials both in the classroom and online. This not only saves yourself time from making two different lessons and boosts your productivity, but it also is better for your students because they’re all using the same materials. 

4. Regaining ClassTime and Reconnecting with Students

Finally, we’ve been losing class time. We use our technology to make our classrooms better, but I’m sure we can all agree that the technical challenges we’ve been seeing take away from our class time and can be a distraction.

Teachers and students can have confusing moments using technology, and that’s an obstacle that we’re all dealing with in a way. We need simplicity.

The Simple Solution

TeacherMade is simple, which is why almost 100,000 teachers are using it now, and many thousands sign up every day. Sign up now to see if it can help you. It’s free!

In Conclusion

TeacherMade works for all ages, whether you’re teaching shapes in elementary school or testing your students' knowledge of algebra equations. If you’d like, you can even share your worksheets, lab guides, and other supporting materials with other teachers, as well as find materials on TeacherMade that may work for you.

This year has been challenging, and we’re all looking for solutions that will make this transition and our lives easier to grasp. Currently, the digital tools we use in our classroom can change everything for our students and us. 

Many teachers appreciate how easy TeacherMade is to use, assign tasks, and implement in the classroom.

Learn more about how to get TeacherMade for your classroom here.

digitize worksheets now

How to Get Started –  Video Tutorials 

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Stephanie Sullivan March 2, 2021 - 5:05 pm

I currently use TeacherMade but I would like to have access to other teacher’s materials developed with TeacherMade. Is there a site that anyone can access to see/sell their TeacherMade work? I’m thinking something similar to TpT?


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