Save the Rhino: Join Karen Stadler and The Traveling Rhino Project

Karen Stadler @ICT_Integrator , from South Africa, is an educator on a mission to save the rhino. The Traveling Rhino Project creates awareness one child at a time.

save the rhino

She was in a local reserve in South Africa when she took a picture of five rhinos. The photo has haunted her as she realized that four or perhaps all five of these rhinos are now dead, killed senselessly  because people mistakenly think their horns will cure hangovers and cancer.

These five rhinos now have names and travel the world.

And yet, Karen has combined her love for these beautiful creatures and her love of children to mobilize and create awareness about this problem in a way that is respectful and appropriate for children and gets their parents talking.

Save the Rhino by joining the Traveling Rhinos Project

Karen literally has 5 rhinos traveling  the world. If you like Flat Stanley, sign up to host a traveling rhino at your school. I've had several elementary teachers say this is the best project they've done.

“The Rhino Project: Teaching Social Consciousness”

Learn about Traveling Rhinos

Save the Rhino

The five traveling rhinos travel the world creating awareness about saving rhinos, one child at a time. Sign up to have one of them travel your way. (You may have to wait until the next school year, so sign up now.)

Add Karen to your PLN

Karen Stadler
Below is a video Karen made about the project to help you understand why it is so important.

Here is another example of a teacher changing the world one child at a time. She's running a great project as part of her job as IT Integrator that is helping her students and making our world a better place. But here's the thing and the reason we should be sharing the project — IT ISN'T JUST ABOUT THE CUTE RHINOS nor is it just about white rhinos. It is about suffering animals who are having their horns taken with the mistaken understanding that the horns can cure hangovers and cure cancer with neither proven by research. These animals are having their horns cut and left to die and they don't have time to waste. Let's turn this into a movement to protect and help these creatures.

Please tell everyone you know to join Karen and her traveling Rhino project. Time is running out.
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