Remember Mother’s Day! 5 Great Ways for Teachers to Help Kids Remember Mom.

Mother's Day is Next Sunday.

I found this video back in March and scheduled this to share with you as you prepare for Mother's Day. Mama's have a lot to do with our dreams. My mom founded this computer lab and started it right here in this room. My favorite quote from her first year. She told the students.

“Today I don't know how to turn these computers on and right now you'll have to teach me. But I'm learning and I'm going to pass you.”

That is the attitude that we should all have! One of humility, determination and learning! Take time to get ready for this Sunday. Remember!

Thank you, Mama for being my teacher, my inspiration, my hero and one of my best friends on this planet. I love you, Mama.

Help Your Students Remember Mom

  • Have students make a book using the amazing UDL Bookbuilder from CAST. Not just for kids with disabilities, this website has a ton of great tools for reaching all students. Teach them to create a book and then share it with Mom over email. 
  • Have students grab pictures and take some and make a private Voicethread for Mom and email her the link. This is something even young students can do.
  • Let your students create a Glogster (Graphic Blog) for Mom and email her the link.

When you remember Mom using technology, it lets students show off what they are learning and remember Mom at the same time.

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More Traditional Ways to Remember Mom from the Classroom

  • Billy Bear's Happy Mother's Day for Kids – This website has certificats, something they can email their Mom recognizing them as “Best Mom,” Promise Cards, and more. 
  • Mother's Day Crafts – I really like the Mother's Day Mirror and Earring Holder Projects on this page. (Also instructions and printables for window clings.)
  • I like the Mother's Day guide from Family Fun. It was a website I used when my kids were young.

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6 thoughts on “Remember Mother’s Day! 5 Great Ways for Teachers to Help Kids Remember Mom.

  1. happy mothers day to all mothers in the whole wide world….were so lucky of having you as our mom..we cherish you for all the kindness and good deed,thought and effort just to be good like now…and respectful for all times…happy mothers day…

  2. Mother’s Day is always one of those holidays that, unfortunately, I tend to run out of time for with my students, or spend time creating the basic, boring picture frame which really do not help students learn anything new. I am a teacher trying to learn new ways to integrate technology into my classroom environment as much as possible. I love your suggestions for a Mother’s Day gift which allow students an opportunity to build upon their knowledge and skills with technology while creating a product that their mom will love. Have you used all the technology tools you’ve suggested with your students? What are any challenges you have faced with them?

    I teach third grade and one of my challenges with teaching students technology is the pacing of it, some students seem to understand it and can move through it easily because they have had much exposure to it, while others need more time and much more assistance. Out of the three suggestions you gave, which one(s) would you believe to be the easiest to use with my third graders?

  3. Yes, if I mention a tool, I have used it. If you have a scanner, I think that voicethread would be easier – plus you can set it up so students of all ages can join. I’m not sure, but I think glogster may have an age restriction on it and those take a bit longer. I’d probably start there.

    Another suggestion is to have them bring some photos and use something like Picasa or PhotoStory to make a collage or video out of them and burn it on DVD. The Picasa collage would be very simple.

  4. My 6 year old daughter draw a human stick on a piece of paper. A small one and a big one, and then she put a name mama and her name, holding hands. Then she pasted it on the wall and she showed me. That was the first time she did something for me. Money can’t buy happiness.
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