Reinventing Writing: Free Video and Virtual Book Signing

Writing has been reinvented. Nine tools have changed writing, learning and living forever and we need to understand how to use them in our schools.

The keynote video in this blog post was part of the Reinventing the Classroom conference and I share the highlights of what I do with my students to teach these 9 types of tools and build community among your writers. I'll share tons of best practices and give you a sneak peak of the book.

Reinventing Writing book

Reinventing Writing teaches you about the 9 tools that are changing writing, learning and living forever and how to teach with them.

Reinventing Writing, the Book, arrives June 3

My new book Reinventing Writing arrives on June 3, 2014!

Reinventing Writing is written for any teacher using or trying cloud documents with students. I teach you how to select the right tool for teaching purposes, how to set it up quickly, and how to prevent common mistakes. I explain that it has never been easier, more convenient, and more important than right now.

Participate in the Virtual Book Signing for Reinventing Writing (June 3-10)

For the first week of the book launch, I am hosting a “virtual book signing.”  There are several ways to get a signed bookplate in the mail from me.

  • Post a selfie on social media with your copy of Reinventing Writing. If you're on Twitter, Instagram, or Google Plus- use the tag #reinventingwriting -or-
  • Write a book review on Amazon or Goodreads or anywhere you write online (any book review counts, I can't require it to be a good one although I hope it will be. 😉

Email the screenshot, the link, and your mailing address to: [email protected] (If you want the signature to a certain person, let me know the name too.)

I'll mail you my special thank you in a couple of weeks after the book launches. (This is your chance to get a signature for your book if you can't get out to any conferences this summer!)

If you want to participate, you might want to go ahead and order your copy. I have links to many of the book sellers (it is available internationally) on the Reinventing Writing page.

Upcoming Events Where Info from the Book Will Be Shared

If you want to join the conversation

I get out for the summer today (May 23) and have time for a limited number of Skype or Google Hangouts with book groups or clubs. If you've got a group that is going to learn how to reinvent writing and foster powerful writing communities, just email [email protected] to book a time for this summer or early fall.

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