Reflections Upon Wonderful Blogging with Weezy #wewelcome

While exploring some recent 23things beginning bloggers, I came across Weezy's blog and was immediately engaged with her spiffy writing, anecdotes, and insights into technology and life.

Weezy does several things very well that I'd like to point out:

1) Attention Getting Titles

A good title MAKES you want to read.  She's written four posts, but the most recent two titles GOT ME.

Thing Four: The Eeyore Syndrome
Lesson III: I'm a Loser

 2) Telling a Story

As Weezy reflects on blogs and commenting in Thing Four: The Eeyore Syndrome  she begins by telling this story:

I am often at the restaurant that my family has been running for 45 years. And if one thing is apparent, the social aspect of eating out is more important sometimes than the food aspect.

Dan Pink in his book, A Whole New Mind, shares the importance of being able to tell a story.  Here Weezy is making this blog her own by telling her own story. She is being uniquely herself.  But the story is the power – the hook that lets her get across her points.

3) Humor

In Lesson III: I'm a loser, I laughed many times as she told the story of her beginning accordion playing! You've got to read it to believe it.  Weezy begins her story with:

“When I start a new project, especially from square one, I pretty much follow the same pattern. Sewing, golf, knitting, even cooking, it's always an initial wave of bubbling enthusiasm all the way to the first big crash.
Then I decide if I should continue.
Will this enhance my life?
Does it have any kind of pay-off in my practical life?
Will it stave off Alzheimer's?”

Be funny, but be yourself when you do it.

4) Be Yourself
She's definitely ok in her own skin and it comes through.  She's also writing for herself which makes her writing very real. I love it.  Being authentic and “who you are” is so important.  We all want to emulate or “be” someone else but if we take it too far, we cease being ourselves.

5) The Personal Perspective
Rather than writing about grandiose definitions of Web 2.0, Weezy had me literally crying in her second post The Fascinating Web 2.0 as she told of her struggle to memorialize so many of her family who died around the time of the World Trade Center falling.

This long story is the metaphor for why I have an interest in Web 2.0. For awhile it was enough to think that we could save valuable information in a safe place for posterity and legacy.

What a perspective.

On blogging
Sure, it would be great to include hyperlinks, however in the case of these first four articles, she's not quoting anyone, she's not sharing a resource – she's just being herself.  So, it is not necessary to hyperlink in this case.  Sure, it might be nice to include photographs, but then again, Weezy's words were all she needed to pull me into her writing.

So, this Wednesday, I'd like to issue a Wednesday Welcome (#wewelcome hashtag on Twitter) to the newest blogger in my RSS Reader, Weezy.  And a shout out to everyone else out there that blogging is as individual as the person writing the blog and that there are at least 10,000 or more “right” ways to blog.  Don't get caught up in the jigsaw puzzle, formulaic expression of being a “good” blogger according to the latest book – be yourself and be a blogger. That is enough.

Welcome Wednesday
Here is your challenge today – find someone beginning in a new technology – beginning Twitter, beginning blogging, beginning anything and welcome them by: responding/ commenting and also by sharing about them with others.

This is part of being part of this larger community.  Beginners welcome.  #wewelcome Weezy to the blogosphere!

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