Quechup with the Latest Spam Scam

I've received dozens of invites in the last week to join Quechup. It is really a problem when companies harvest your e-mail and send out messages without asking your permission. There should be ethics here and it is a growing problem.

It took an e-mail from Lucy Gray to point out the great post by Wesley Fryer on this spam scam.

Warn your friends (but not over e-mail please unless you inadvertently sent an invitation.)

And remember, we need to increasingly protect ourselves and our information from those who do not have the ethics to do that as a company. They may profit in the short term but they are just nailing up their coffin in the long run.

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One thought on “Quechup with the Latest Spam Scam

  1. Thanks for the tip. I’ve heard a few things re: Quechup along these lines including the post on Fryer’s blog. I’m shocked when sites or companies do things like this – it’s obvious that the backlash will be rough. It says a lot about their commitment to delivering long-term value to users.

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