Promoting Awareness of a Global Audience

Statcounter (see my post “Ten Habits of Bloggers that Win” on how to set it up) has a great new feature called “Recent User Google Map.” I've started going onto my class blogs and printing out these maps so that students can see all of the locations that are visiting their blogs. I have also added a button called “View My stats” on the blogs. Students can go see the maps.

We are a little behind on our scribe posts. My students just like to use the wiki for everything because they can work together. We'll see if I can get it going better in my classes or if I need to just stick with the wiki and classblogmeister for my student questions of the week.

To the left is my door. It shows the Stats from my blog and my two student blogs as well as the stats for our wiki. (We're getting over 40,000 hits a month.) I also printed out the recent commetns from Canada and highlighted the portions that I wanted my computer science students to view.

You would not believe how much these comments have encouraged my students to do more. (See my recent post “Wikis and the Power of Peer Review.”) I truly think this is an amazing untapped resource.

What is on your door to encourage students to understand our emerging global Internet community?

It doesn't have to be fancy! The perceived (and real) global audience is a powerful motivator. (Ask any blogger.)

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2 thoughts on “Promoting Awareness of a Global Audience

  1. Hi Vicki
    I agree about making the audience overt! This is particularly important the younger the children get. We use Clustr maps for our class blogs ( for Y0-Y6), podcast feeds etc. The power of the kids being able to see straight away that they really do have a real, global audience is profound.
    It is also neat that some of the wee red blobs are readily identifiable as relatives or friends of class members who live overseas.

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