7 Productivity Secrets for Educators

Every Classroom Matters episode 206

Productivity expert Dr. Frank Buck teaches us how to select the productivity tools to stay organized. Learn these seven productivity secrets to getting organized. Face it, educators have unique challenges and needs. In this show, Frank shares his “Magnificent 7” or the seven questions you should ask before you pick an electronic tool.
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7 productivity secrets dr frank buck

Productivity is a passion and hobby for Frank. If you're struggling or know someone with a messy desk, listen to this show (or buy Frank's book) to help them get organized.

Sometimes we have amazing people in charge; they just have horrible organizational systems. Post it notes – lists that they lose and write again and re-lose. These heroes are in hiding. They are hiding behind poor planning. We can unleash them by showing them systems that WORK.

If you care, share. We need great leaders who love kids. If they have that — they're halfway there. But lots of leaders love children but can't remember to show up for a meeting. None of us are born organized. And there are times we have to level up or get knocked down. If you know someone struggling with planning and organizing — help them by pointing them in Dr. Buck's direction (or at least some direction of someone who knows how to organize!)

Essential Questions: 7 Productivity Secrets for Educators with Dr. Frank Buck

  • The one productivity secret for school leaders.
  • How paper and electronic tools need to work together.
  • The only file folders you need for organizing your paperwork.
  • What are the seven questions you ask about any productivity tool?
  • How to use Evernote with your classroom observations.
  • The two habits effective educators do every day.

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Dr. Frank Buck productivity secrets

Your productivity system is only as good as your habits.

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7 Productivity Secrets for Educators

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