Playing with PreZENt it!

I came across a cool post about 13 online alternatives to PowerPoint and decided to play with PreZENt it! I made a slideshow and then shared what I learned.

I WISH I could embed the show into this blog post, but it seems that feature isn't enabled.

Just remember, if you're ONLY teaching powerpoint, you're missing it. PowerPoint is great, but it is likely that students will have to change software programs as often as they change their hairstyles over their lifetimes. Fluency is technology is very important as students will have to be able to move from not only job to job but platform to platform.

Get out there and expose your students to more!

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7 thoughts on “Playing with PreZENt it!

  1. Thanks for demoing this site for us. 🙂
    This is a cute site. But I wonder why one would choose this over SlideShare. With SlideShare, you can use PowerPoint with all it’s cool fonts, graphics, etc. and then upload it. My kids would really like something that has animation. Know anything like that?

  2. I really feel sites such as these are extremely important. Many of my students do not have access to PowerPoint at home, so I have been recommending OpenOffice as an alternative. The problem is they tend to forget to save the files from OpenOffice in a format that can be opened at school.

    This could really help me with this problem; assuming it isn’t blocked at my school like everything else.

    Granted it has some limitations, but would work great for basic content presentation.

  3. I’m glad you liked our webapp, I promise that very soon you’ll be able to embed presentations made with PreZentit into your blog.


    Germán Martínez

  4. @lisa — Slideshare lets you UPLOAD and share your powerpoint, but not create the presentation itself. This is a simple online slide creator. So, while it cannot hold a candle to Powerpoint — it is one of 13 listed that are online presenting tools available — I think students should be able to fluently move between various presentation tools.

  5. I agree with you one hundred percent. Most students can get to PowerPoint since we are PC district. Google docs is blocked. However, I created my first presentation in Google Presentations and was disappointed that the only way to download was into a pdf.

    Thanks for sharing link. I have a lot to learn.

  6. I agree with Shane: please try Open Office, which runs in both Windows and Linux and is free and open-source.

    I run Ubuntu Linux and the support for Open Office is excellent. All my presentations (math) are made on Open Office Impress.

    While it may be true that students have access to Powerpoint while at school, I have several students that use Open Office at home, because they can afford it.

  7. Wondered which one of the 13 you might try next? I’m considering using one of these for an upcoming presentation and thought I’d use a different one and then let you know how it went.

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