App Programming Requires Writing Too!

I'd just like to point out just how much writing is required to program an app. As students are programming their apps with Crescerance‘s MAD-Learn program, they are writing. We are drafting the language for their presentations and the app store submissions in Google Docs.

The best projects include all disciplines. In fact, this app also includes Art. So they are programming, using graphic design, writing, and learning about art.

App programming rocks for so many reasons!

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2 thoughts on “App Programming Requires Writing Too!

  1. I agree Vicki. My son has been writing apps for the last four years (since his freshman year of high school). I have watched in amazement as I have seen him putting his math skills into programming, his language skills into help files and tutorials for others – in addition to writing app store descriptions, and his use of Gimp to draw. There is also the business sense and need to build a professional appearance in his creation of a personal web page and portfolio for college applications. He is a very self-driven young man. It is awesome that your students are getting to experience this for themselves. He has been working in xcode, HTML/CSS, C/C+/C++, and Java/Javascript. I have to take a look at Crescerance. It sounds like it makes it accessible to more students.

    • Yes, Crescerance is awesome as it doesn’t really require programming at all. It is very drag and drop. That said, I’m teaching them some HTML and quite a bit of PhotoShop so they can go to the next level. And yes, Ann, it is amazing how much all of the arts are involved in creating a simple app. It simply blows me away! Thanks for sharing his experience. App programming is something we can do. Ping me and I can introduce you. Susan Bearden used it to make the TweechMe app.