15 Things Every Teacher Should Try This Year
15 Things Every Teacher Should Try This Year by Austin Gagnier & Sylvia Duckworth

15 Things Every Teacher Should Try This Year is a graphic created by Austin Gagnier that has now taken on a new direction. As things happen now, Austin Gagnier created and tweeted a graphic.

Super sketchnoter Sylvia Duckworth (@sylviaduckworth) found it and made it into a sketchnote.

Use the “15 Things Every Teacher Should Try This Year” Sketchnote to Inspire Change

This photo is an encouraging, inspirational graphic to share with all of your teachers. (Learn more about sketchnoting if you want to try with the epic guide to sketchnoting.)

  • Print the graphic and put it in their box (old school can work)
  • Post the graphic in your break room
  • Share it on Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Talk about it in a staff meeting with your peers
  • Email it to your staff and challenge each person to pick one, try it, and share the results
  • Commit to try one new thing and share the results
  • Create your own 15 Things based upon your school's toolkit (You could even sketchnote it.)

Inspiring change often happens when someone simply depicts options and lets others make a CHOICE. Kids like options and so do teachers. Kudos to Austin and Sylvia for giving us  a tool to inspire and help teachers choose to improve and change. Now get out there and be teacherpreneurs. Be craftsman of the teaching profession. That is who we are. Let's do this!

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