Notes from Microsoft Worldwide Innovation Education Forum Keynote

Keynote Introduction- World WideInnovative Education Forum

Live notes

Note, I am frustrated as I was going to live blog and stream this event.
I've been in South Africa since Monday night and this is Wednesday morning.
I have not had internet access since I got on the plane in Atlanta. Haven't
been able to tweet or blog. Now, I'm trying to access the wireless ID in
the convention center and have no userid or password though trying to log
in to this! I'll share the best I can but the truth is that the world is
not truly connected – it is trying but truly there are still problems
with the Internet in many countries.

Anthony Salcito, VP Education Microsoft Corporation

“I get to spend this week with my heroes.”

Thank you, Anthony for seeing teachers as heroes. From meeting these educators,
these people are my heroes too. I hope to blog about many of them.

“One thing countries increasingly recognize is the need for education to be a
hope for the future for their countries…technology brings one of those roles…one
thing we recognize is that every child deserves a right to a quality education…technology
used the right way can make a difference can help open doors and help connect
students and can give every child a personalized path towards their success.”

Personalized path — that is one thing some of these educators are doing.

Theme for Forum: “Inspire More”

Expect more — expect more from me, expect more from Microsoft as you experience challenges.
This event is about helping you inspire more collaboration and connection and learning
can come alive for your students.

We need to share “the best of the best examples.” 

“The most valuable part of this week is the ability to meet each other…even the
best in this room will learn things to take back and extend.”

Key Beliefs

“Student Centered Learning–> Innovative Teaching Practices –> School Leadership
—> Education System Change.”

***Note: I'm about to die – I cannot tweet, I cannot live blog. I feel like
“Mainstream media” at this table like the fellow who leaned over and said, I can
relax and take notes and write my article tonight.  WELL I CAN'T.  The value I
add here is the ability to connect with you in the forms of media you and I use.
I'm hugely frustrated. Blogger/Tweeter – Internet = asychronous traditional media reporter?”

Back to the keynote:

Innovative Teaching and learning
Working to document learning.  Senegal, Finald, Russia, Indonesia — to learn from
what is going on there. To hear how teachers are using ICT, etc. How technology
and education are evolving.

ICT is used in many countries.

“Student Centered pedagogy, extending learning beyond hte classroom.. ICT for learning.

School level conditions most associated with ICT

finding that changes are often made IN SPITE of leadership.

How are educators using ICT.

Using technology in basic ways – places to find information, productivity. % reporting using it once a week. F
Finald 56.9%, Indonesia 21.6% Russia 54.2%, Senegal 24.5%
Research F 56.4% I 16.8% Russia 46.9%, Senegal 27.8%.

Uses of Technology ihigher in finalndy

finaland 18.9% high level uses of the technology on a weekly basis.

Educators and TEchnology are communicating with students and parents outside of the
classroom setting.
Integrating dynamic classroom demostrations into regular lessons.
Collaborating with other teachers and experts to share best practices

Last years have been about automation — tests, virtual classrooms, etc.

Posting the resources they create for other teachers and students to utilize.

How are students using ICT.

Russia is showing some of the most high level uses — interesting status — 45.85collaborating through email and
online class discussions on a weekly basis, accessing resources from remote location sand 26.4use mobile technologies
for learning activities outside the classroom. Russia is leading in this area of access.

Interesting that the students are reporting lower incidents of use than the teachers
are — does this mean that schools are over estimating their use of technology!?

Students and Technology
Gain exposure to video conferencing tools, create multimdia presentations, and simulations.

Our challenges are shared challenges
Bring change out to scale.Scale is our problem.

“We're going to celebrate amazing examples but need to be shared…he travels
and sees teachers ‘making magic happen' in your classroom but before he leaves
the school she typically asks the principal — ‘I want to see the classroom over.'
Typically it is the next classroom over — ‘You don't need to see that classroom,
there's nothing special going on there,' says every principal regardless of
where he's touring…things aren't flowing from one classroom to the next…we
have to make sure everyone understands the potential and accelerate the dream.”

Accelerate the dream.

Partners in Learning
By 2013 – expect to influence 250 million educators and students through partners
in learning.

Sarietjie Musgrave
Head ICT Innovation, School of Education, University of Free State

Moliehi Sekese
Teacher, Mamoeketsi Government Primary School, Lesotho

Reid Falconer
Grade 10, Bishops College, 16 year old – here in Capetown

Now sitting down to a panel discussion.

Reid — Think Act Imagine – 3 blog posts a week – 10 weeks
Imagine blog post was set in 2020
At the end — a business plan for what wanted to offer to attack a global
issue. World Bank travel scholarship to DC Evoke scholarship

5,500 towards project on website.

“Feel not alone on this journey but partners in learning around the world.”

Started one individual now it is the school working hard to change and improve.
Schools in local community and across south AFrica.

“It is amazing to experience the unexpected…technology can support learning when
the mind is prepared…on professional basis it is not about having 100 computers in
class – we have limited resources – we can do a lot it is all about passion, love
of what you are doing, and we need ot share whatever we have.”

*Wow – Moleihi– she is inspirational!

Asked – how is technology making a difference in his life.
Bishops has an intranet and 1:1 laptop program — each has an online profile and
the parents can see exam issues. One note for notes – Moviemaker for their movies.

Global Issues Network — High Noon project. Richard's book.StudentAction Network

“If I'm looking at a topic, I can now see many people's views on that topic and
I can see the many different views on the topic.” Reid.

Challenge begins at home. Can can I take back home to enhance learning when I go
to a forum (like this.)  She uses SongSmith and Mouse Mischief.

No matter who we are every time we have a celebration in our nation we have
songs to sing — so we use this to teach to help learners to understand. Because
we have limited resources mouse mischief has helped us with limited resources.

We collaborated with teachersin new Fontaine and one school in Singapore where learning
about effects of air pollution. In the country and around the globe.

“to inspire my learners to move past the comfort zone and to make sure that they
know that the honor didn't belong to me but to the learners who were part of
the learning. It is about sustainability and sharing with leadership the importance
of innovative teachers to be planted… my job is now sharing this news to south

She's moved from teaching to leadership position. 

“For teacher to be a little flower planted alone it is difficult to keep blossoming
the picture is so much better when you are part of a bouquet — we need the environment
to be nourishing – the influence of principals, community leaders, vendors is vital
to help teachers believe what they are doing really makes a difference.To work with preservice
teachers to make sure they understand what technology can mean to them not to entertain
students but to truly engage students in learning.”

“Stop dwelling on the challenges use a stumbling block as a stepping stone to success.”

“Realize that you are now recognized as an exceptional teacher and you are here to
learn from each other. The challenge is to let your cup truly overflow. Share, inspire
your learners to be part of a world that is getting smaller.”

“Let your students listen less and act more.”

A great example of the potential of education.

**** AURGH I wish I could of livestreamed this.****

Now announcing an important partnership and progress.

Microsoft Partners in Learning, Smithsonian Institution, and Taking IT Global.

Expertise in smithsonian to connect. Educators around the world together.
Will feature monthly challenges to enable students to participate.

How Society Benefits
Want to create quality benefit that lets learning come alive.
Recognize students increasingly want to act. Students want to act on global issues
to inform learning and prepare for the future but also to impact the world today.
Recognize students today want to raise their voice and collaborate and connect.

Embrace students as our future. To bring about change to the important issues facing
the planet.

Challenges that excite,engage,and connect students.

Monthly challenges — core environmental issue – around deforestation.

(Called Deforestaction as Kat from Taking IT Global told me yesterday.)

Live, Study, Change, Sustain, Value, Celebrate.

Innovative connections, ideas, and approaches for students to bind together to
help students face the challenges of the planet.

Deforestaction.  Follow @shoutLearning on Twitter

Using Bing Maps to map things for this project.

connect students who are doing similar work to celebrate the work and accelerate
the pace of change not only for education but to drive twenty first century skills
in education.

Service Learning is an important tool.

Even teachers who are most resistent to technology understand the importance of volunteerism
and service for students. This can be a powerful tool for the use of technology for
comprehensive tools for students.

Probably “get” the benefits clearly for those who are here.
Connect with other teachers who are doing similar work.

Next year will celebrate and recognize the work from students on Shout.

Students will benefit from global connections to key themes.
Connecting with each other and learning from each other. Can excite students about
how they can act local. Also think students gain twenty first century learning
skills and competency skills and also affect the ways in which they think about
employability long term.

Three people to discuss shout

Claudine Brown, Assistant Secretary for Education and Access, Smithsonian Institution

Michael Furdyk, Founding Taking IT Global

Mark Sparvell, headmaster, Kadina Elementary School, Australia,

see video youtube here.

**Lesson learned, the “main stream journalist” next to me has his own modem.
Next time, if there is a next time, I will have wireless internet modem on GSM on
my computer and be done with this dependence upon others for internet.***


No longer about talking about deforstation, but saying this deforestation is happening
what are you going to do about it?

Shout: Explore, Connect. Act.

[email protected] is his email.

People need your energy and examples to drive change in your schools.Education
fundamentally needs to be transformed.


We are all part of this story.We are like water drops in a wave of revolution…none
of us can claim to be the wave, only our part of the wave and yet together we are
evidence of a fundamental change. A wave is a lot of water droplets moving in the same
direction. If enough of us change where we are and join this movement then we are no
longer a wave but a literal tsunami that can and will evolve and change education
as we wash away the irrelevance of an industrial age model of education. We have
a choice as individuals – we can become a droplet in the wave of change or we can
be helpless educator going about our work in the classroom clueless to the tidal wave
that will take us with it whether we want to go or not when it eventually sweeps over
every classroom upon the face of the globe.

Research is available on innovative research. — the research shown — director of research presenting that later in the week.

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