My Workshop at GAETC on November 14: Easy and Engaging Teaching Using Wikis

I haven't been posting much because I've been “living” at the school (8 – 5 and 6-9 daily) trying to put in a new lab, get all of the teachers set, and get myself set.

My workshop on Wikis

I have received confirmation from the folks at GAETC that my workshop proposal has been accepted.

I will be teaching “Easy and Engaging Teaching Using Wikis” on Tuesday, November 14th from 1- 4 pm . We have room for 20 people and I hope there are some educators who are interested in wikis. SDU credit is available for participants.

I am excited about this workshop and plan to model the wiki teaching method in the class. As a product of the class, we will produce a great wiki for educators about how wikis can be used in the classroom. I also plan to have each participant create their own wiki to take back to their classroom.

Of all of the new tools I've used, I adore wikis. They are engaging and they create experts in a very short amount of time. I will be interested to see if other Georgia educators can pick up on the power of wikis.

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6 thoughts on “My Workshop at GAETC on November 14: Easy and Engaging Teaching Using Wikis

  1. We’ve been doing some discussions about using wikis in the classroom here in Maine. It would be great to post your resources, thoughts, and outcomes from your workshop for those of us who won’t be able to get to Georgia November 14th.

  2. Hi Vicki

    I will be at GAETC as well — so hopefully, we can have time to chat?? Hope Hope.

    I am teaching Kidspiration — early in the morning and Online Collaboration late that night. Hmmm – should be an interesting day.

    I truly look forward to meeting you.


  3. Stephen – I look forward to meeting you too (see note to Jen below.)

    Jen – I’d love to. I was thinking that perhaps we could set a couple of meeting times/places for edubloggers or those interested in new technologies. Perhaps we can ask the GAETC folks if there can be a “birds of a feather” room to the side at the dinners where we can grab our food and sit down with others who are passionate about the collaborative movement and have some face to face time!

    I’m so excited about learning new things there!

  4. mrichme-

    You know me, I post everything. I expect that the product we produce in the class will be a great educational tool and I want to model with the participants how wikis produce experts. I expect some shock as I teach them the concepts and turn them lose to collaborate and post — old fashioned teachers expect to listen and click. It is going to be exciting, but I’m nervous. I hope I have some participants!

  5. Vicki,
    I love your enthusiasm for the tool. I look forward to hearing more about how your session goes. In my experience wikis in the classroom have a lot of potential, but where they go sideways is running into tech glitches and the appearance of the format somehow not being all that attractive (and I am not even sure if that is controlable or not). So I am quite keen to get your angle on things.

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