My prayers are with you Tucker Beam: Building a Skype Bridge from School to hospital room

This story is so moving and amazing and was forwarded to me by my new friend Amanda Stone from the Hoover City School District. Tucker Beam is an eight year old in Amanda's Alabama town.

This is the story in Amanda's words:

We declared May 9, 2008 Tucker Beam Day in Hoover, Alabama (South Shades Crest Elementary). We have been planning this event for some time….mom can not work during this time and we do not want her to worry about money. We have raised over 28,000 dollars. ***I don't even know you and I am just sharing my heart with you…sorry. When we found out that he could not be at the school….I immediately starting working on the technology. We skyped [him] in….and well, tears poured out across our gym. We had 1,000 kids in our gym when he came up on the big screen. He was able to watch the ceremonies and his second grade class sang “This Little Light of Mine”…there he was ….an 8 year old, ….with the biggest smile on his face. Technology IS a power tool. God was diffently there….Joshua 1:9

These are the stories that make me have chills. Technology can build bridges to places where we have never been able to go before. It brings people THERE who are a part and makes them feel loved. It enables us to connect.

Amanda, I applaud you and the progressive administration that has empowered you and enabled you to do this (how many schools can't because Skype is blocked?) and my personal prayers will be with little Tucker. To experience such pain and hurt at such a young age is truly one of life's tragedies.

I applaud you for sharing your story… technologies are just tools and can be used for good or evil, much like the human hand or anything ever invented. You are using technology for good. More power to you.

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