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My Amazing Movie Poster: Free Project Plan to Teach Graphic Design

by Vicki Davis

Students can be filmmakers in this fun, engaging project that teaches graphic design, photography, the prototyping process and more. I’ve created the unit plan, lesson plan, and rubrics for this project-based learning experience that brings together the graphic design concepts I teach in my class. They are uploaded to Adobe Education Exchange and make a perfect 16-day unit that you can adapt for your class.

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Sponsored by Adobe. I’ve uploaded these resources to the Adobe Education Exchange, a fantastic resource for educators looking to use Adobe products in the classroom. I’ve been teaching with the Adobe Suite for over fifteen years and it has helped inspire creativity in my classroom. See also, the Adobe Premiere Rush movie project.

Project Overview

Milestone 1: Brainstorming List and Ideas

Students will gather in groups by genre of film and brainstorm pitch ideas and movie names. They will collaboratively create at least 20 ideas for film names and some plot ideas.

Milestone 2: Pitch document

Students will create a pitch document with a movie title, plot overview, and ideas for movie titles to secure the “green light” for their movie idea.

Milestone 3: Mood Board

Students will create a mood board with 20 inspirational artifacts for the graphic design of their movie project.

Milestone 4: Photograph

Students will take photographs using three-point lighting techniques to accurately portray the mood and genre of the film project.

Milestone 5: Movie Poster

Students will create a final movie poster to use for marketing their movie to a target audience. 

Milestone 6: Oral presentation to Potential “Movie Goers”

Students will present to an audience of peers. Each audience member will have a limited number of movie tickets they can use to “purchase” to see the movies pitched at the event.  


Students learn by reflecting, so I’ve included a document that can be adapted and put in your Google Classroom or can be printed for reflection purposes. This integrates the project with the writing curriculum as well.

Key aspects of project-based learning with this project

This is a fun project as students discuss everything from film genres to plots. But from my perspective, I’m teaching the design process, graphic design, and I even use it to teach green screen/ chromakey in Photoshop (although this is optional.) Adobe Spark is a powerful tool that underlies what happens in this project and makes it simple. The tool is a web and smartphone tool that is simple to use as you teach more complex topics. This project can be adapted for many ages.

movie poster 2

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