Motivational Friday: You Fill Up My Senses

The younger folks who read this blog will make fun of me for this. But I really needed this song this morning.

Sometimes the greatest things in life are completely free. I particularly like this song because he sings it beautifully in Spanish at the end and it is just beautiful. The beauty of wanting to communicate, no matter the language.

And I contemplate just the beauty of love. The greatness of my own husband. The beauty of seeing my three children and four nieces and nephews make sugar cookies last night. The beauty of enjoying a great laugh with my students in the midst of pushing ourselves past what we can do.

Sometimes my senses are full and it is a great thing.

Good morning world!


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5 thoughts on “Motivational Friday: You Fill Up My Senses

  1. I’ve never really been a country music fan and most Denver stuff does nothing for me, but this song has always touched a chord. Perhaps becuase I’m such a sucker for a soppy-yet-believable love story! Perhaps because of the first person love it expresses and the gratitude for love returned. How tragic that he died before his time!

  2. Thanks for posting this – wonderful. I forgot how much I liked the song (and still do).
    You should definitely check out Anuna’s version – with Michael and John McGlynn singing it in duet. It’s part of their recent Celtic Origins.

  3. Vicki,

    I was browsing through your blog this morning looking for a link, and stumbled over this. I’m sitting here feeling a little stupid because it just completely swept over me and I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes.

    I don’t have many “idols” but John Denver was mine. I had never seen him in concert though I had loved his music when I was a teenager.

    When his last tour came through town, on a total whim, an hour before his show, I decided to go see him. Through luck, I ended up finding an empty seat in the 2nd row.

    The concert was incredible. I had forgotten over the years how much I had loved his music and how much it had meant to me.

    He died in a plane crash two days after I saw him.

    I’ve often thought about that–how a happenstance decision led me to an experience that I now am so happy to have had. And how we need to appreciate things.

    Seeing this beautiful rendition reminded me of all of that and it really touched me and stopped me in my tracks.

    So thank you.

    (and now my secret it out….!)

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