How Do You Mend a Broken Teacher?

Life Lessons from Hall of Fame Teacher Kim Bearden

Broken. It happens. It hurts deeply. I have had days when I didn't know how I would get out of bed and make it to school. Most teachers I respect have had periods of deep brokenness too. So has Hall of Fame Teacher Kim Bearden, co-founder of Ron Clark Academy. Today she tells all.

how do you mend a broken teacher?

We need to lift one another up and encourage each other. Sometimes sharing the lessons we've learned on our hard-fought journey of teaching can help other teachers. I know it helps me to know I'm not alone in feeling this way sometimes.

Maybe you have a friend who needs to hear this. Share and help others in the journey. Teaching is hard but teaching is worth it, my friends! Let's do this.

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Show Notes:

  • How do you mend a broken teacher?
  • What should a teacher do when he or she feels powerless?
  • How did Kim handle it when she felt hollow and didn't know how she could make it?
  • How do you reconnect with your significance?
  • How do we need to see students?
  • How can you connect with students in more meaningful ways?
  • What do we do about the fear some teachers (and students) live in every day?
  • How do you help create a culture where students don't just comply but want to do well because it is part of the school culture?
  • How do you help students make a commitment to your organization?

Who is Kim Bearden?

Kim BeardenKim Bearden @kimbearden is the co-founder and executive director of the Ron Clark Academy, an innovative middle school and educator training facility. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Disney Outstanding MS Humanities Teacher, and she is the author of Crash Course: the Life Lessons My Students Taught Me.


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One thought on “How Do You Mend a Broken Teacher?

  1. Thoughtful words. You are saying everything my heart feels.
    Being a teacher is a tough job. The quantity and the complexity of the decisions and responses we make in the course of a day is daunting.
    Most of what we do in the classroom we do because it ‘works’.

    Thanks so much!