Meet your Mobile Phone 2020

From Julie's Blog today, I found these videos from the horizon project:

Atif from the ISD school in Bangladesh has done a great job with his mobile phone video. Wow!

Or how about Ginger from the Shanghai School in China.

I am going to enjoy watching all of the videos this summer. I am learning so much and am excited about the quality of these videos and what I am learning from them.

David Warlick may not know this, but an e-mail that I received during February/March from him directly impacted this project. He said:

“Off and on, over the past many months, the thought has emerged that there has to be a way of utilizing this read/write web to affect the changes we are looking for in education leadership. But I've drawn a blank. I'm not young enough. But it occurred to me this morning that we get the students to do it for us.”

David, thank you for your continuing leadership. You could not have known that Julie and I were in the midst of planning horizon and that your thoughts about encouraging students to envision the future would impact this. We now have more than 50 videos from students envisioning the future and it is not one that I nor perhaps even the best minds in education would envision.

These projects are transforming the discussions taking place at our schools. Students are getting involved in their future! It is empowering and exciting.

I think it is important to involve students in the process of envisioning the future. The most exciting thing is to see how much work and effort was put into these videos with many students finding friends to act and filming at many different locations! They give me chills! WOW!

I encourage you to visit their youtube videos and comment and view them. And to embed them on your blog, click on the video to go to the youtube site and copy the embed code and paste it into your blog. Publish and voila — you have youtube in your blog!

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3 thoughts on “Meet your Mobile Phone 2020

  1. My students have started doing the same thing with powerpoint presentations in my Spanish class. I have to tweak the grammar a bit still, but as a whole they are very good presentations.

    Moreover, one of my best presentations was created by a Special Needs student. I plan to highlight this presentation and others on our wiki. Next year I hope to have them creating photo and video stories to learn and teach.

    This was a great video. I plan on adding it at my blog. Thanks for sharing.

    Warm Regards,

    William Bishop (Bill) aka lostjohns

  2. Vicki,

    I have added more video and slide shows to my class blog to entend our conversations about literacy. The next move is for me to have the students create videos and podcast to post on our blog. Thanks for your continued encouragement.


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