Make Every Monday #MatteringMonday and Help Kids Learn

Start the School Week of With What Matters: Kids

Mondays are hard for (almost) everyone. What if we started the week with reminding students how much they and their work matters? Let's challenge every teacher we know to begin celebrating Mattering Mondays.

We know that we need students to be more engaged. We also know that when students feel like they matter and they are doing work that matters that they are more engaged. What if the learners and teachers knew that Mondays would be not drudgery but a reminder of how important they are to the world?

Why do we need #matteringmonday in schools?

I'm all in on Mattering. My problem is that it is easy to do something one time and forget. I DON'T WANT TO FORGET MATTERING I want to do it all the time. Don't you? So, every Monday, I will intentionally level up mattering in my classroom. While kids matter every single day, Monday is my day to intentionally pull mattering into the curriculum. Will you join me?

As our part of this effort, Angela Maiers and I are recording a series of shows. Every other Monday, they post live on my podcast Every Classroom Matters. (Subscribe here.)

How Our Questions Can Show Students That they Matter

As part of #matteringmonday this week, Angela Maiers talks about how the right questions show people that they matter. Beautiful questions are exciting. (See all of the episodes in this series here.)

Ask great questions to show them that they matter

Resources in this Show

Tips for minimizing teacher stress

  • Discover 10 stress-busting secrets for healthy teachers. What simple routines will help you handle the stress?
  • Simple advice for coping with stress at work.
  • Learn tips to help you deal with difficult colleagues and students (even those who "hate" you -- yes it is possible!)
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4 thoughts on “Make Every Monday #MatteringMonday and Help Kids Learn

  1. I love this! What a cool way to show students we care about them. I don’t think there’s a better way to start off each week than to show students they matter. Also, when we pour into students, we will likely feel encouraged as well! Even better yet, the more excited we are, the more engaged our students will be! What a cool idea. Thank you for promoting this.

  2. I think #matteringmonday is a wonderful idea! I am experiencing that time of year where teachers at my school are being bogged down with negativity from results of standardized tests. We are trying to find a balance between test preparation and teaching the curriculum. Sometimes I think the students feel our stresses, and shut down.
    In order to reduce the stress for both the students and I, and to promote positivity in my teaching (even when things are hard), I will participate in #matteringmondays. I am looking forward to listening to the podcasts. I have them book marked along with your blog! Thanks for the inspiration when I really needed it!