Math, Web 2.0, Wikis, and connecting with others.

Tuesday nights at 9pm EST, I have a highlight of my week, the WOW2 show over at where I chat with around 20-30 of this amazing edublogger community as I co-host a live webcast with Jen, Sharon, and Cheryl about the latest in educational technology and we focus on Web 2 (and now Web 3D).

Many of you listen to our recorded shows and have e-mailed me, thank you for your encouragement.

The old saying is that iron sharpens iron — it is this intentional conversation each week that pulls me out of the day to day grading, lesson planning, and pushes me to help things grow and improve (with the invariable stress that causes) to pull back and see the common struggles that many of us are having as education is experiencing the birthing pains of a new evolution in education.

I think it is important that each of us find a “sounding board” or avenue of people that we communicate — connect with in order to stay sharp and learn more. Though some may feel like they know it all — I am NOT one of those people and I relish the opportunity to share what I have learned and learn from others.

Do you have a place you go to learn? Are you sharing what you learn? You will find great gratification and enjoyment when you connect to the many communities emerging as part of the educational revolution. Join in! (Oh, and you're always welcome at Wow2 — people who want to learn and have a sense of humor are always welcome!)

This week we are discussing some great middle school math wiki projects that are cropping up — here is the tentative agenda for the show.

Wow2 Show – This tuesday night at 9 pm EST at

WOW moment of the week & Wow Website of the week

We start by sharing each of our WOW moments and websites of the week.

Collaborative Math Wiki for MiddleSchoolers

Introduction – Jeanne Simpson (Alabama – USA) and Chris Harbeck (Canada)
Background on how this project started
How many classrooms are involved?
What are the objectives you'd like to accomplish?
Have you had any obstacles?
What are the results?

The MiddleSchooler and Web 2

How do middle schoolers take to wiki projects. Are there any concerns? Privacy issues?
When you have projects with middleschoolers, do you see any things you have to do differently? (Jennifer Wagner)
When you coach middle school classrooms, Cheryl, do you have to do anything differently? (Cheryl Oakes)
Sharon Peters will reflect also.

Math and Online Web 2 tools

Important Web 2 math resources that are important, particularly at the middle school level but it could be at any level.
How Darren Kuropatwa is using flickr to teach Math.
Other hot items.

If time permits – Web 3d and math

Do you see any potential uses for the 3D web and math in education?

Join us, we have a stream with a 30 second delay over at — the fun comes by going into the chat room — sign in (you don't need a password) and chat with us! You can ask questions as we talk and we like to respond. (So you get free advice!)

Join in!

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Teaching Sagittarian March 12, 2007 - 9:00 am

I am so grateful to you four ladies for such a WOW2.0 show! I can’t access the chatroom from school (as it’s 3pm the next day for us here in NZ) but I am still listening live! I will just have to wait for the holidays (4 weeks time) to enter the chatroom again. Keep up the fantastic work and the awesome guests you have.

Outraged Teacher March 12, 2007 - 7:21 pm

The Washington Post is reporting that Administrators at a Florida high school have placed one of their music teachers on a forced leave of absence for performing in an amateur production of “The Full Monty”

Link Here:

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