Making the Most of the Moment

Day 68 of 80 Days of Excellence

There are times you go. You just do. So, after spending the weekend between the hospital and helping take care of family, I was “worn slap out” as we say here in the Southern US. However, my son has state literary competition tomorrow and I wanted to go.

Last night as I debated, I could have just used my personal day to stay home and sleep. And I'd love to sleep. But I had to ask myself — how many times can I spend with my 10th grader in state literary? Well, this is the only one I'm guaranteed – right now.

So, when you have the opportunity – you go. Live life with no regrets. Savor the moments that only come around once. Sure, I'm tired. Sure, it is a sacrifice. But today and tonight is a sacrifice I'm thrilled to be able to make.

There's a term I've written about before – Kairos which means

“the right, critical, or opportune moment”

or in the Greek just “weather.”

It is something that is this moment — this specific time.

I often ask myself if this is an opportune moment. For example, when I was talking to parents on the day of National Honor Society initiation, I reminded them something like,

“Parents, what you do today is important. What you say this day to your child counts and they will REMEMBER it because this is a once in a lifetime day. Tell your child they are proud of them – they need to hear it – really hear it. Say things you need and want to say.”

That day was a Kairos. An opportune moment.

This past weekend as we handled a challenging health issue for a family member – that was a Kairos moment. A moment I had to be there for family to show them love and caring. Sure, I was exhausted from the end of the grading period. That didn't matter. It couldn't. I needed to take advantage of that moment to be there with and for my family. Problems are an opportunity to show up. Great moments are an opportunity to speak.

And yes, some days are perfect days for rest – you have an opportune moment to get some sleep. As you look at the calendar, don't miss the moments. Make time for those kairos moments and be there.

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