Making Learning Fun: Engaging Students with Imagination with @teachheath

Jeromie Heath engages students by dressing up. Some days he's Super Mario or a Mad Scientist — other days he's a pirate. He was even a finalist for People' Magazine's teacher of the year (see the video to believe his classroom — notice the standards on the wall – yes, they are still there.) He engages students by immersing them in experiences. On the show, he says, “I'm tapping into their childhood…”

[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@teachheath”]If a child feels you have a connection with them… then they start learning. Jeromie Heath[/tweetthis]

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In the show Jeromie points out that you don't HAVE to dress up ... you can do little things too.

In the show Jeromie points out that you don't HAVE to dress up … you can do little things too.

Note from Vicki: Jeromie has so much energy, but also a practical approach to what engages kids. Students don't remember worksheets, but they'll remember the MEMORIES. We all need these epic moments. Wow. I just love Jeromie! (I talk about the importance of celebration in Reinventing Writing. Every class at every age needs this.) 

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Listen to Jeromie Heath


Jeromie Heath's website

Teacher Jeromie Heath's website has tons of resources for math and science teachers as well as engagement and Common Core.

SHOW NOTES: Jeromie Heath – Show #84 – Making Learning Fun: Engaging Students with Imagination

Jeromie Heath is an elementary teacher in Seattle, Washington where he makes learning fun. By incorporating imaginative play using songs, games, and costumes, he engages his students in learning. He also uses thematic teaching, games, and music; although he lacks research data, he feels his students perform well on standardized tests.
Jeromie calls teaching an art where teachers build connections with students in order to further learning. While also using Understanding By Design and mastery learning principles, it is the zany dress up costumes that students will remember. Listen now to find out how this works in Mr. Heath’s classroom.

Jeromie's Super Mario Classroom

[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@coolcatteacher”]We can be the most amazing prop in our classroom. Vicki Davis[/tweetthis]

Listen to Jeromie Heath

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Show notes prepared by Lisa Durff, Production Coordinator for Every Classroom Matters. Note from Vicki Davis: I added quite a bit of my thoughts to these notes as well – so this show outline is really a mashup of us both. 

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4 thoughts on “Making Learning Fun: Engaging Students with Imagination with @teachheath

  1. Hi,

    I really like your blog. I am also creating an education blog but it’s just starting out and it’s kind of education and other things as well.
    Thank you for compiling all of these wonderful resources.

  2. What an inspiring message Mr. Heath is sending to his students and to other teachers. I applaud the energy and passion that I saw this innovative teacher put into his lessons. I can only strive to do more of what he does to motivate kids to learn in the classroom. The most impressive part of this article was to hear about how he doesn’t mind spending his own money if it provides a more fun and entertaining environment for himself and his students. What a creative way to incorporate teacher led learning and peer feedback. I really enjoyed how he used the Mario race track as a distraction for the kids to be further invested and engaged in the lesson. My goal is to become more than just a teacher for my kids, just like Mr. Heath. I have used labels attached to my clothing and hats to provide students with some visuals to better help their comprehension of subject matter, but not to this degree. I like the idea of students seeing me as a comedian, singer, personal trainer, aerobics instructor and mentor, especially if it makes them want to come to school ready to learn.
    Thanks for sharing. Definitely food for thought.

    • Yes, Tfields! — Jeromie makes us all think about what we can be and we can all be more. When I dress up for my high schoolers, they love it because they say “You’re showing us that it is that important to you.” We are the most important prop in our room and should be willing to get outside our comfort zone! Thanks for commenting!