Lower Test Anxiety and Improve Retention with These Strategies

Todd Finley shares research and best-practice from his classroom

Lower Test Anxiety and Improve Retention with These Strategies

Learn about the newest innovations in testing and assessment. You can improve retention and lower anxiety. Try these simple strategies from Todd Finley.

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2 Power Assessment Tips: Learn about how Todd combines social-emotional learning with formative assessment. Plus, he has powerful year-end strategies that reduce test anxiety.

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What You'll Hear When You Listen to This Episode

  • Research about lowering test anxiety and what Todd Found when he tried it.
  • How social-emotional learning as part of formative assessment can lower anxiety and increase retention(with examples)
  • How to help kids get excited about tests and quizzes and the research on why this works.
  • Some powerful ways to end the school year with assessment.
  • Learn about the anonymous letters that Todd has the students write at the end of the school year.

Todd Finley, PhD, is a tenured professor of English Education at East Carolina University and a staff writer and assistant editor for Edutopia. He has taught elementary and 7-12th grade English and co-developed the Tar River Writing Project. He is the author books, Dinkytown Braves and Rethinking Classroom Design.

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One thought on “Lower Test Anxiety and Improve Retention with These Strategies

  1. This is my first time listening. I love the idea of have a student drawing a circle and writing what was in their control and what wasn’t. Great way to get students to think and respond!!