Live Blogging Teacher Reflection Meeting #1

I took notes today with the teacher reflection recording for Flat Classroom Project.

John Turner
He's using ComicLife a lot and even using it instead of reports. Amazing! (It is for the Mac, we've been using toondoo.)

He was amazed at how the students produced quickly in a time (at the end of the year) when he thought they would just not be able to do it or not be motivated. They were very excited and engaged.

Global group work. “The students were not happy when people weren't communicating but learned to manage it and work through it.”

He really liked the Google Groups and how it worked. He loved it and felt like it was power learning for teachers. As teachers we work with them and learn as well.

He loved the puppet video. He liked the idea of a glove puppet and it came from an idea from the Horizon project. HE thinks with the ning and wiki that we are in the early days of a lot of things we can do.

I'm so amazed at how well he communicates with a cartoon versus a

Barbara is talking about the 10/20/30 rule from Guy Kawasaki and the “Art of the Start.

Barbara Stefanics, Austria
She used 8th graders on this project, she says it is a great age for this project. She says we need to start younger. This is a springboard for all kinds of new projects at her school.

Difficult for students to understand some of the words on the wiki because perhaps some of it was copied. Video aspect was a very big success. Students were planning and investigating. They were very creative as they worked and planned it. Two students took all of the cell phones in the room and put it on the table to plan and take pictures. There was a lot of collaboration and learning going on. Students were so engaged that they sometimes ignored Barbara. They were so very excited!

She showed students the page of all of the Web 2.0 tools. They appreciated having a list of them. It can be overwhelming for the students. The initial start is very difficult, but once we start it it is very difficult.

That these students will set up projects of their own. As these students go in other people's rooms.

Julie Lindsay, Qatar Academy

Julie just shared this graphic. Wow!

This shows all of the things that Julie wanted to reflect upon! Wow!!

Such a great tool. To have to compile images that represent one's experience and discuss it. Wow!

I feel myself changing as I listen.

Her reflections are amazing. At the beginning her students were concerned, “We are from the Middle East, what if everyone things we're terrorists.” It is amazing. They feel more understood! Amazing!

The cultural aspect is so very important.

I have some toondoo slides that I've shared.

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