Lisa Durff: Happy (Reverse April Fools) Birthday to a Servant Leader Among Us

Lisa Durff is an educator who helps others and frequently volunteers for online education causes. Lisa is a kind-hearted servant-leader with a birthday on April 1. (The joke is on me — I logged into Google Plus and it said her birthday was today  October 5– Google Plus is wrong somehow. I'm still not taking this down because she's amazing – so why not just say thank you anyway — reverse April Fools Joke)

You'll notice Lisa's name on the Every Classroom Matters' show notes. If you email me, she'll probably set the appointment for us to talk. Lisa stepped in a few months a go to help me out. She's my friend first and foremost. She also has a gift for handling details in ways I struggle.

My Productivity Ninja

Back in May while working to get more productive, I made a list of those things where I needed help. I read several books on finding a virtual assistant (VA) and interviewed some. But I was wary. A few years back I hired a VA to help me because I had too much email — she quit after 3 days because I had “too much email.”

As Kip and I talked, it came down to one thing: trust. Was anyone in my life who knows me and my weaknesses (and strengths)? Would he/she help me be better?

So, I called my friend Lisa to see if she knew someone who could help me. She wanted to “help me out.” Now, four months later– she's helping me with my blog, email, and schedules appointments. Lisa helps me get more out of my days!

Servant Leaders Make Us Better

Lisa moderates for online conferences and helps anyone who asks. She's living an epic life as she earns her PhD in education technology.

Never Taking Credit

Lisa is one of those rare individuals who never takes credit. She's always pushing others in the spotlight. Lisa will email me to say “Vicki, you have to get this person on your show.” That's what she does — always pointing out others who deserve credit– never any for herself.

Happy Birthday to You, Lisa Durff

I just wanted to take this moment to wish her happy birthday. Because, you see, Lisa Durff is my present. She is a gift to me each and every day. First, because she is my friend and she is kind. Second, because she helps me be more professional and be as helpful as possible to as many people as possible.

Noticing the Heroes Among Us

Connect with Lisa Durff — will you wish her happy birthday? If you don't know Lisa, will you consider thanking a person like her? Because, you see, that would actually make Lisa happier than if we thank her. That's who she is.

Happy Birthday, Lisa Durff. The world is better because you're in it!

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5 thoughts on “Lisa Durff: Happy (Reverse April Fools) Birthday to a Servant Leader Among Us

    • Yes, Jennifer — Lisa means so much to me. We finally figured out what happened. I didn’t really THINK that her birthday was now, but I logged onto my chromebook on Saturday and it says to me “Lisa Durff has a birthday today!” My first thought was – WHAT DO I DO? and my second thought – I’ve never really told the people who read my blog that Lisa means so much to me and is a kind servant leader behind the scenes. It was an oversight and I should have already said something. So, I posted it and it is funny – but if I hadn’t posted it that day (without Lisa seeing it) she would have asked I not share it — so I’m still glad I did. Her birthday had been set some time a go in honor of her Dad’s birthday and so that got explained. It was a very interesting thing – but in the end, it was awesome because she got thanked and she deserved it!

      • Thanks Jennifer! Vicki – what I just texted to my housemate when told me I was a good grandma for remembering Nik takes classroom snacks tomorrow – oh stop it already!