Social Entrepreneurship: 7 Ways to Empower Student Changemakers

@edutopia blog - by Vicki Davis
November 11, 2014

Tired of disheartened girls thinking they didn’t match up to the divas on teen beauty magazines, Grace Miner started Real Girls Matter. The group has a state-wide conference in Rhode Island next year.

When six-year-old Joshua Williams wanted to give ten dollars to a homeless man, his young eyes opened to the plight of the hungry. Joshua, now 13, runs Joshua’s Heart to feed the hungry in Miami. On his website, Joshua says: “Whenever I work, I will give some of my money to help.”

And the stories go on. Whether it is wells in Africa or standing against genocide, today’s students are more than willing to tackle big problems. Their social media prowess and passion can make them an unstoppable force — when they want to be. (Can you say Ice Bucket Challenge?)

How can we unleash more social entrepreneurs? How can we empower more students to make a difference?

It is an important topic and I would argue and important aspect of student engagement.

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