Minecraft and Common Core Literacy Project: Givercraft starts Nov 17

GiverCraft Weebly
October 21, 2014

Minecraft and Common Core Literacy Standards meld in one free project for kids grades 6-12: Givercraft.

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Dr. Lee Graham of University of Alaska Southeast is at it again. Her masters students combine the Giver and Minecraft to create a powerful 2 week experience called Givercraft starting November 17, 2014. Enroll your class in this free project now! What a great experience with gaming and literature to use around the holidays. The site makes a powerful claim about Minecraft that I also believe:

Minecraft brings elements of integration, technology and extreme engagement into the classroom. Students will challenge themselves, take their projects further and demonstrate their knowledge of learning through this project-based course.

Givercraft combines Minecraft and literacy standards in a free project for kids grades 6-12. Sign up while there's still room!

Givercraft combines Minecraft and literacy standards in a free project for kids grades 6-12. Sign up while there's still room!

Who is sponsoring this project?

Dr. Graham's EDET 698 is designing and running a project for students using what they've learned in the course! (Intergenerational learning at its best.)

Author's Note: All college education technology classes can do this sort of thing. See see yesterday's K12 online presentation by Verena Roberts about how intergenerational learning works. We should all be collaborating and connecting with REAL students and learn together. Learn how in  Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds (I coauthored this book.) Dr. Graham's model of teaching is a powerful example of intergenerational learning in action.

Givercraft Overview

This 2-week unit will:

  1. Meet new Alaska Literacy Standards or the Common Core Literacy Standards • grades 6th-12th
  2. Let students expand on the book with their own thoughts and ideas
  3. Encourage students to collaborate and explore
  4. Provide teachers with a planned guide for integrating technology
  5. Let teachers explore gamification in a safe, guided environment on a private MinecraftEDU server provided through UAS

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Last year my classes collaborated with Dr. Graham's for Gamifi-Ed. In short, Lee and her students ROCK. Dr. Graham shares her philosophy of innovation in this Every Classroom Matters episode.

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