How to Write a Letter: Lesson Plan

Canva Design School Website - Lesson Plan by Vicki Davis
December 2014
You can teach business letters using graphics.

This sample letter is one of two in the lesson plan. You start by having students compare the two letters. By comparing the two letters students can discuss what it means to be “professional” and which letter is a better example than that. Click this graphic to download the examples and plans.

How to Write a Letter: Lesson Plan

In this lesson plan, students learn:

  • The tone and style of business letters.
  • The format of business letters.
  • How to create letterhead.
  • How to proof and print their letters on personal letterhead.

This lesson is a great way to incorporate social entrepreneurship (read the post I wrote on Edutopia about this). Students can write letters to real people based upon needs. For example, two of my students created letters to the mayor of Atlanta about the situation of the homeless in certain parts of Atlanta. (This says a lot since these kids live 3 1/2 hours away but take time to volunteer and work in the neighborhoods at question.)

I believe that we should all be using graphics to teach. Canva is a great way to do that.

Disclaimer: I was compensated to create the lesson plans for Canva's design school, but not to write this blog post. There are many resources in the Canva design school you can use and I have six lesson plans up on the site so far: Writing Business Letters | Teaching About Fables | An Epic Event: Famous Historical or Literature Characters | Scientific Element Fanpage Designer | Historical Figure Fanpage | Literary Devices Unleashed . They are FREE to take.

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