Free Download: 5 Steps to Internet Safety

Vicki Davis - on Docstoc

I am amazed at how many people shorten their Internet safety guidelines by saying “Stop, Block, and Tell.” As I've shared in both of my books, this is a grave disservice. When you block, it often deletes evidence of what happened. Students should: Stop, Screenshot, Block, Tell and Share. Some time a go, my sister helped me create a 5 Steps to Internet Safety Poster. You can download it for free.

If you need a full sized poster as others have asked, I set up a store on CafePress that will make the posters for you. If you're a non profit school I give you permission to copy and share these as a way to help you. (If you're for profit, you'll need to contact me.)

I embedded it below for you.
5 Steps to Internet Safety

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