7 Awesome Ways to Be a Teacherpreneur and Inspire your Students to Be Exceptional

June 10, 2015

It has been some time since I first coined the word “teacherpreneur” here as it relates to the classroom teacher, but the word is becoming commonplace. ISTE sponsored a series on teacherpreneurship over on Edutopia. (Look on the left side of the post.) I think there are 7 ways that any teacher can be a teacherpreneur that are guaranteed to help students be more awesome.

Teacherpreneurs: We’re Here to Inspire

“This week, my ninth and tenth grade students had shark tank app presentations. As the culmination of a six-month effort that started with more than 30 ideas, the final seven apps were presented to a panel of “sharks.” We initially had funding to put one app live on the Apple and Google Play stores. (Now we can afford two.) Each team had five minutes to present their apps, websites, and app trailers in a last-ditch effort for the rights to “go live.”

Now, some would think that choosing only one was hurtful to the other teams. It wasn’t. Each team was incredible in a unique way, and the feedback from real-world judges made the whole experience more meaningful than ever.

7 Ways to Inspire

As a teacherpreneur, I work to create unique experiences for students that supercharge learning and increase engagement. Let’s dive into what teacherpreneurship looks like in the classroom and how you can show the craftsmanship of teaching every day.

Tip #1: Foster Social Connections and Appreciation for Each Other’s Unique Strengths

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