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Education Week: Copyright Confusion Is Shortchanging Our Students  Annotated

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This is an excellent article in education week discussing the copyright issues and how it is causing problems in schools with digital storytelling and video making as part of their work. Some recent court decision strike fear in the heart of teachers.

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3 thoughts on “Links for the Day 04/01/2008

  1. This was really interesting. I’m currently a student in the Education Department at Illinois State University, and we are learning about and working with digital stories right now. I have definitely thought that it would only be a matter of time before copyright laws would be violated and students would be in trouble for it. I suppose if I ever use digital stories in my classroom, I will have students strictly use original photos or videos that they have either taken or drawn themselves. This was very interesting though, and I’m intrigued to find out more about what the court says.

  2. @katherine – YEs, many of us are watching this. I think eventually companies will realize the potential in licensing to schools for use and we’ll have libraries of popular music for such use.

  3. “Teachers are afraid of being harassed by media companies”
    This statement is really sad. I am a student at Malone College and am in a technology class, that shows us how to use technology to help peek student interest. The internet a valuable tool to get students of all ages interested in the subject being taught. This amkes it even more important to teach children the do’s and dont’s when using a computer for any use.

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