Learning For Life Versus Learning For Grades, College, or Career

In today's featured show, Chandler Bolt talks about breaking out of the mold and getting life done. Breaking Out Of A Broken System, was written by Chandler and his brother Seth. The money goes to fund some of their work in Africa and it is a fantastic book for students to read and discuss. Listen now to find out what the brothers meant when they said “rebellion is a good thing”. Knowing some of you out there who listen to the show and read this blog, you might just agree.

This is one of those shows I listened to with students. The book itself is quite edgy and they did things with it graphically that “aren't supposed to be done.” Their unique perspectives on debt, education, and life — whether you agree with them or not — will foster great discussion. And the cool factor of these hip brothers is one that will appeal to your teenagers. As you look for something different this spring to talk about with students — this is it! — Vicki Davis

Listen now to Chandler Bolt

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Listen now to Chandler Bolt

Chandler Bolt – Show #83 – Learning For Life Versus Learning For Grades, College, or Career

Seth and Chandler have written a book, Breaking Out Of A Broken System, about creating a life instead of letting life happen. With this book, they hope to get people to act on their dreams instead of settling for the status quo. For example, the brothers viewed accruing debt, not as the status quo but as a mold that cannot be broken. Chandler is a very successful entrepreneur, and Seth is a very successful musician. Chandler refers to innovators as heroes. Listen now to find out why.

Listen now to Chandler Bolt

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3 thoughts on “Learning For Life Versus Learning For Grades, College, or Career

  1. Hey,

    Great website and blog.. this is very interesting. I think that our society is very function-oriented; everyone’s got to be doing something, and that is part of why students mostly learn to get good grades or get into College. This is not entirely a bad thing–it keeps things running, in fact–but it makes education a strictly pragmatic thing. On top of this, most students are not aware that so many choices for education will ultimately NOT be lucrative, even though they may seem so at the moment (i.e. a philosophy M.A seems like a good idea at the time). So even those degrees that DO look like they’d be instrumentally handy end up being not so.

    Perhaps our education should have two facets–one that is pragmatic and leads to the furthering of society (through work, industry, etc…) and one that is spiritual, creative and innovative? I have been thinking a lot about self-starters and how self-starters (i.e. people creating their own online businesses and things like that) are becoming more and ore popular. Should we have an education that focuses on critical thinking, personal development and ingenuity?

    I also have created an education blog.. it’s just getting started.. but I would appreciate it if you checked it out!
    Thanks 🙂

    • Welcome to the edublogosphere Anna! It is so hard to separate things like that as we are a whole person. Such a challenge we have with our prfession. Great points.