Learning about Learning: Research and Edreform News and Views 01/06/2012

  • American Educational Research Journal

    Many educational journals like this one have RSS feeds to notify you when new research comes out. If you want to keep up with research, I highly recommend you use an RSS reader. I use Google reader on my computer and Mr. Reader on my ipad (because it integrates with Diigo.)

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  • Toontastic Version: 1.40 Education App | Macworld

    Toontastic is a highly rated site (that is currently free because it is in the app store hall of fame.) Download it now onto those ipads while you can get it. 

    It is for cartooning, tell your story and is great for using with digital storytelling. I highly recommend you get it while you can.

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  • Blogs May Help Teens Reduce Social Stress | Psych Central News

    I have seen this first hand in students and these findings are totally credible to me. Another reason to have kids blogging. Blogging may help teens improve their self-esteem and enhance friendships, a new study suggests. Moreover, the online activity is especially helpful for teens with social anxiety. Researchers believe this use of social networking is especially suitable for teens who spend a vast majority of their time online. “.

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  • Twins are multiplying, raising new questions for the nature vs. nurture debate – On Parenting – The Washington Post

    Lots of talk about twins and more insight into nature versus nurture. “when it came to explaining why a particular group of children ended up with different IQ scores, 75 percent of the variation was due to genetics, not parenting,”

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  • Do We Learn in Lines or Circles? – Nimble Copy

    We allow students to have struggles in Flat Classroom and expect to coach them through the teachable moment. this research seems to back up that is the right thing to be doing. is your learning environment too perfect? a recent blog post, David Ginsburg talks about the role of struggle in learning: “Frustration is a precursor to deep, lasting learning. That’s right, students’ grasp of new concepts and skills is often better when they struggle through the process of learning those concepts and skills than when teachers error-proof that process.” “.

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  • Cognitive skills fade at 45, not 60, new research shows | The Australian

    This is a bit depressing but worth knowing about. if you stress, read Brain Rules about the massive impact that exercize has on improving cognitive skills. Again, this is a correlation not causality. is it we get more sedentary so we decline mentally. “Six Flags Great Adventure and Discovery Education are partnering together to offer free admission to the New Jersey theme park for K-6 students who participate in Read to Succeed, an online program geared to encourage students to read outside of the classroom.”.

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