Keyboarding: The Hidden Giant – Tuesday night Skypecast

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, November 7th, 2006 will be the first WOW2 Skypecast and you're invited. At 9 pm EST (2am GMT), you're invited to participate. Remember, everyone is welcome!

We will be streaming on Worldbridges Channel 1, which means that you go to or to the skypecast at

This topic kept emerging during our initial skypecast and many educators want to talk about it.

I hope you'll join us tomorrow night!

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3 thoughts on “Keyboarding: The Hidden Giant – Tuesday night Skypecast

  1. HI Vicki
    I went to the Skypecast at what I think was the appropriate time. There were two other lovely women, Cherie and Lori that I met and we had a great chat but we didn’t really get to the actual purpose of the Skypecast. I think Cheryl was trying to log in but for some reason wasn’t there.
    I am just new to your blog but can see why it is so popular as you have so many great ideas. I will read more as I go along.
    I would like to pick your brains about the way you have set up the strucure of your blog as well. I write in a blog as well but would like to make some changes to the way it looks. May I email you offline?

  2. I’m sorry Annie, it looks like there were two skypecasts last night and we’re not sure why. We are going to make sure that this doesn’t happen next week. We were streaming on channel 1 at Worldbridges and next time, I’m going to point more people there!

    Yes, you may e-mail me offline. I’m always looking to meet new friends in education.

    We will be posting a podcast of our discussion last night which was simply amazing!

    Thank you for letting me know!

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