Ideas for Summer Learning from #KCDTTL

Today I’ve been at Kentucky Country Day School at the Teach Tech Learn Conference. More than 200 teachers from around Kentucky and few from outside the state have come together to learn best practices for promoting 21st century learning. I promised my new friends here that I’d share the slide presentations here on my blog so they’d be easy to find and hope that all of you who take the time will grab some links and ideas. (Flipping through the slides of presenters is one of my favorite ways to gain ideas and get links to best practices.)

Also notice that the Reinventing Writing presentation includes video – the book trailer and a 1 hour keynote of that presentation are included in the slidedeck – you can always forward through that if you want to see the slides, but some of you wanted the presentation from YouTube. Also note that these are updated as I always add new things to every presentation I give.


Connect with me online and share your questions or best practices. Let’s talk:

Enjoy your summer and hope to see some of you at #ISTE14 next week! I’m so excited!


12 Habits of Top 21st Century Teachers: Keynote


Reinventing Writing

Differentiating Instruction with Technology

Have a great summer and learn lots!