Karl Fish’s SHIFT HAPPENS presentation wins "Best Presentation in the World"

Interesting thing here — I've congratulated the wrong person — the creator as seen in the comments is Jbrenamen. It looks like he did a remix.

I think some interesting conversations will happen about this one!

Congratulations to Karl Fisch who is adding to his growing list of awards with his SlideShare presentation Shift Happens. (Hat tip for this info to Jose Luis Cabello via twitter.)

Slideshare has named this presentation “World's Best Presentation!” Congratulations, Karl John?! Here is the presentation, see for yourself!

Remember, the great thing about slideshare is that you can go over there and comment on any individual slide!

And Karl John wins an Alienware laptop! Supercool!

Connecting us all!

And isn't this an amazing world that let's a person from Centennial, Colorado ? can contribute in such an amazing way. (Or in Camilla, Georgia or all of these other remote places — I often wonder if much of the innovation happening is because now we can tap into the resources and intellect of many of us who are in rural locations and have been “excluded by location.”)

Karl's Horizon Keynote

Great thing about Karl is that he's super nice. He recently delivered the keynote address for the horizon project.

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5 thoughts on “Karl Fish’s SHIFT HAPPENS presentation wins "Best Presentation in the World"

  1. Umm, the slideshow was not created by Karl, I don’t think.

    From the slideshare blog:

    First prize winner is the absolutely brilliant presentation by jbrenman: Shift Happens. Its a stylistic rendition of a presentation by Karl Fisch

    Not sure who jbrenman is, but it is clear to me that it is merely another remix (a la McLeod) of his original preso.


  2. Vicki,
    If I am not mistaken, I believe the actual slideshow was submitted by someone named Jeff Brenman and was taken from Karl Fisch. So does this mean Jeff wins or Karl wins? If this is the case, I don’t see how someone can take Karl’s idea and put it as a slideshow and win. I’m confused.

  3. Hey, it should be congratulations to Jeff Brenman. He’s a recent graduate from Northwestern who’s starting his own design business. He asked my permission (and I asked Scott McLeod as well) before submitting it. I imagine winning this contest – with an impressive list of judges – ought to help with his business!

    He gets the laptop – and the nano for coming in second in the People’s Choice category. Maybe he’ll send me the nano 🙂 Kidding.

  4. The original is a remix of other people’s ideas and this is a remix too –

    From Karl Fisch’s own page:

    # I haven’t taken the time yet to figure out the different levels of creative commons licensing, but let’s just assign the most permissive one. As far as I’m concerned, as many people as possible should be thinking about and discussing these ideas. You all have permission to use, modify, reuse, etc. anything you’d like. (Although if you find good stuff to add to or replace what’s in there, I’d love it if you’d send it my way so that I can add it to mine.) Since I basically stole (ummm, “remixed”) all of the ideas from other folks I really don’t see what claim I have to all this. As far as giving me “credit,” you’re welcome to – I assume that will help pay for my daughter’s college tuition somehow, right? 🙂

  5. Gee. This does open a can of worms doesn’t it. Karl Fisch is credited as the originator of the content by Jbrenman in the second to last slide of the presentation. Before I got upset I’d want to know whether he asked Karl for permission. Of course that then begs the question about mashup and remix. Should we have to seek permission from the creators of anything before we remix or mashup? When is it plagiarism and when is it borrowing of ideas to build something new. My feeling with this one is that the content was created by Karl Fisch and the graphics (better than the original) were added by Jbrenman.

    The contest rules state that entrants must own the copyright to any material they submit. That would be worth exploring.

    At the very least I think Karl Fisch ought to get half the prize. 🙂

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