Jon Bergmann: Preparing Your Students for Flipped Learning #flipclass

Jon Bergmann talks with Vicki about flipped learning by which he means moving direct instruction to the individual space so the classroom space can be freed up for collaborative projects. Listen now to find out more about this pedagogical method.

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Jon Bergmann – Show #90 – Preparing Your Students for Flipped Learning

Jon Bergmann, a BAM Radio host of “The Flip Side with Jon Bergmann“, talks with Vicki about how to watch and learn from videos as well as flipping learning. He explains the difference between flipped classrooms and flipped learning, which is more in depth pedagogical method. Jon explains how to flip learning in areas without connectivity, how this system improves learning, and raises grades.

[tweetthis]The biggest mistake teachers make is that teachers don't teach the kids how to watch the videos. @jonbergmann[/tweetthis]

The best tool Jon recommends for flipping learning is the one that will be used. He is a fan of video creation tools but also mentions screencasting tools. He recommends four to six minute long videos per grade level and the importance of what happens in the classroom after students have watched the videos. Listen now to hear Jon’s advice to teachers about how to flip their classrooms.

Jon also talks about the powerful method (which I'm using in my own classroom) – the “in-flip” method of teaching. Jon shares a story of a teacher getting fantastic results on his student achievement using this method.

He recommends 1 to 1.5 minutes per grade level for the length of the video. He says it is about what happens in the classroom because of the videos NOT the videos.

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Flipped Classroom Video Tools

Places You Can Embed Your Flips

A YouTube Video Showing How I Teach My Students to Take Notes on Videos

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