11 Cool iPhone Photography Tips

If you have the iPhone 5s, you’ve probably figured out the camera is something pretty special. (As you can tell from the featured photo on this post.) The iPhone 5S has some cool new photography features but so does ios7. I’ve been doing some research to support the iphoneographers in my class and have turned up some interesting tips you might not know about the Photo App in iOS 7 and with the iPhone 5S.

Picture taken with an iPhone 5s

11 Things You might Not Know about the iPhone Photography in iOS7

  1. You can shoot in slo Mo
  2. You can hold down the shutter button and the iPhone will shoot at 10 frames per second (FPS) on the iPhone 5s online. It will then select the best one based on sharpness and clarity. The iphone 5s’ new A7 processor makes this possible.
  3. You can shoot square (for Instagram) or Panorama
  4. Apple (finally) included filters — there are just 8 of them but they are pretty frequent ones for most of us who use them. (But these don’t work on the videos or panorama.)
  5. HDR is just for Photo and Square mode.
  6. The collections feature that organizes by date, time, and event is SWEET
  7. You can see videos and panoramas separately from photos and all kinds of organization features are available.
  8. You can have a shared stream with someone (put it on your Apple TV and curate it to have a current stream of pics from your classroom although on Apple Forums there are some issues with screensavers being reported.)
  9. Don’t forget that you can swipe up from the Bottom of the screen to start the camera
  10. Grid went away but you can get it back. Go into Camera > Photos & Camera > On/Off for “Grid” under the Camera Section
  11. You can zoom in while recording a video in iOS 7 (just pinch or spread out to zoom in or out.)

I upgraded from the iPhone 4 to the 5S and it was a huge improvement for me, although I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t had a problem. If you need a good camera, it is totally worth the upgrade because the photos I take are as good as the tiny digital camera I used to carry around about 5 years a go. iPhone photography definitely got an upgrade. (Just consider upgrading your hard drive space if you are getting it for pics and video.)

You have to turn on the iphone Grid in the settings.

You have to go into settings to turn on the iphone grid feature. I love the grid but hate that this is hidden away. This is one of the only things I don’t care for because most of it is really awesome.

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