I’m positive about keeping positive

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You are what you think. I always find it interesting that some teachers think all of their students are terrible and I get the same class and am in love with the beauty and individuality of each one.

Our thought process so much drives the teaching process. Teachers in love with teaching often spawn students in love with learning.

Of course, we all have our problems and struggles and things that are just awful (paperwork, ridiculous requirements, etc.) however, that is life. Get over it and remember that your attitude is your attitude.

No one can ruin your day unless you let them.

I'm in the mountains this week and blogged WAY ahead to keep the blog posts coming (thank you blogger for this handy new tool) and am so ready to get away and just think and be still. I may be a little slow on posting the comments, but I'll be back renewed and rejuvenated.. and more positive.

My own positive attitude slips sometimes because life and school and work and a messy house can be so frustrating!

Looking forward to time tubing, rafting, riding horses, playing tennis, fishing, and hanging out with 18 members of my immediate family! (That is insane isn't it.)

My family gives me so much of my strength. It is worth the struggle it takes to get there.

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5 thoughts on “I’m positive about keeping positive

  1. I think this was very well said. I blogged about a similar topic,
    see my post here, but I wasn’t able to frame it in the positive way that you do. I never quite know how to respond to people in education who have a consistently bad attitude. Perhaps the answer is to not respond and contribute. It just seems like a vortex that sucks you in though!

    Once again, I’d like to commend you on your blog. I’m constantly starring you posts! Thanks!

  2. Excellent thoughts. I too often find my colleagues complaining about their classes, so much so that I stay out of the teacher’s lounge!

    When we have discussions of students, I invariably find myself trying to direct the conversation to the positive aspects of the student in question, and ask them how they can change their approach to reach that student. Too many times they just walk away, but the impression is “why should I change?”.

    You should change so you reach your students. Nothing else needs to be said.

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