Illinois WWII Classroom Project

I'm amazed at this presentation and am sitting in the last half.  Everyone has the same interview questions – they developed some, they add some of their own.  The library of congress field kit has some questions.

They want a full class of kids to do the project.  They are integrating in history and journalism.  They don't want the same kids doing the same interviews over and over again.

Discussing how do you measure impact?

They have a rubric that they are going to evaluate against – looking for quality.  Many people have oral stories on cassette players — if we could get pictures and good audio – then make them postumously.

I would love to do that for my grandad.  I think I have him on cassettee players.
 In this project, they've only spent about half their money.  The project is growing and trying to support the kids they already have.  They are trying to figure out how to keep things quality and expand in a meaningful way.  They are selling memorial bricks to get the money back in the project.

Vicki DeWitt and Debra Greaney, Area 5 Learning Technology Center

The first time they did it, everyone came into one place, they are looking to start doing those regionally — drive in and then go home.

This is the next thing happening on a Saturday, it seems that we're too busy during the week to do what we should be done (PBL)  and instead have to do it in off hours.

Concentrating on WW2 b/c they are losing them now — in 5 years so many of them will be gone — the youngest are 81 and the oldest are in their 90's — some of them, their memory is going.  It is so important to do this NOW — sometimes they get confused.  

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